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Features And Benefits
The Preworkout Muscle Volumizing Stack
...Up The Volume
Foundational Creatine Matrix
NO Boosters
Pump Transport Complex
Cell Volumizing
Who We Are
In 1983, Animal was founded with the birth of Animal Pak, the venerable training pack that started it all. Born from the real needs and desires of professional bodybuilders, Animal has grown prodigiously over the decades. Today, as yesterday, the name Animal stands for trust, integrity and a unique no nonsense approach to the game. Animal also represents a group of products that have stood the test of time, proven again and again in the labs, and in the trenches where it counts most...The gym and the stage. Dedicated to serious nutrition for the serious athlete, Animal is your choice when it comes to complete and comprehensive supplementation. Animal. The choice of champions.
What Animal Pump Is
Up the volume with Animal Pump, the "core" pre-workout product for "pumps." For the bodybuilder, getting the pump is the name of the game, what it's all about. It's not just an addictive feeling. Your muscles don't just feel bigger. They are. A pump signals the start of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flooding into the muscle, setting the table for new growth. So is your table set?
Our Ironclad Guarantee
Animal is dedicated to being the best in the business, no two ways about it. That's why we stand behind every single can we make with our ironclad guarantee. It's as simple as that. When it comes to standing behind our products, we don't mess around.

Directions For Use
As a "core" or foundational preworkout supplement, take a single pack 30-45 minutes before you lift, preferably on an empty stomach. As each pack also contains your full daily dose of creatine, take Pump every day for optimal results. On non-training days, you can take the pack around the same time as you would if you were training. You can remove the red capsule (stims) on off days, or if you train at night.
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