Ashok or Saracaka Indica is rain forest tree which belongs to Caesalpiniaceous family. It is found on middle part of the Western Ghats in western India flowers comes during February to April. Its flower, stem and bark is used in making ayurvedic medicines.

It has great nutritional value as its dried bark contain sterol, tannins, catechol, and various other calcium compounds, aluminium, strontium, iron, phosphate, magnesium,silica, potassium, sodium and other trace elements.

Health Benefits and medicinal uses of Ashoka

The Ashoka herb has many health benefits and has been using inAyurveda as very important ingredient. Benefits include
- Treatment of menstrual disorder like excess bleeding, pain and associated weakness.
- It is useful in menorrhagia, heavy menses
- Dysmenorrhea i.e. painful menses and menstrual cramps.
- Due to nourishing effect on circulatory system, it is considered very effective remedy for arrhythmia and cardiac weakness
- Dried flowers of the tree is used in treatment of diabetes.
- Its bark is used in treatment of internal pile.
- Extract of the Ashoka flower is used to treat haemorrhagic dysentery
- It improve complexion of skin
- It has antifungal properties due to presence of chloroform and methanol
- Its bark contain Ketosterol which is used treats uterine and internal fibroids
- Bark, leaves and flowers is used in treatment of diarrhoea and purifying blood

Warnings:- Buy Ashok and herbal preparation made of it after consulting your Ayurvedic doctor