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B-Trim is useful for overweight people and for those who have an excessive fat accumulation. It is an excellent homeopathic remedy to improve the metabolic rate as well as removing excess water content of the body. This remedy is effective for the people who are unable to do regular exercise due to their busy schedule. It not only helps to reduce weight but also maintains the metabolic rate by which people can lead a healthy lifestyle. Weight gain is the result of higher intake of food and beverages, lack of physical activities, hormonal imbalance, weight gain after delivery, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.


B-Trim is Sliming homeopathic medicine which Work effectively and quickly.



It is not indicated for children, pregnant and lactating women.


Calcarea Carbonica is mineral of calcium carbonate. Calcarea Carbonica people are overweight, look unfit, shy, sensitive, easily, embarrassed. It is primarily prescribed to treat, Mental or physical fatigue, Obesity, Chillness and Nutritional deficiency.

Thyroidinum Is made from fresh thyroid gland of sheep or calf. The extract of sheep thyroid gland hormones contains thyroid hormones like the hormones secreted by human thyroid gland. It supplies the body with the iodine present in extract and therefore used to treat goiter and hyperthyroidism.

Fucus Vesiculosis is tissue remedy for obesity and non-toxic goitre characterized by protruding eyes. It reduces weight by speeding up the process of burning of fat. It is chose by a homeopath if patient has thyroid problem and is constipated.

Phytolacca berry is a perennial plant native to North America. Its plant and seed contain Phytolaccatoxin and phytolaccigenin which are poisonous to mammals if not cooked properly. However, the berries can be eaten safely as seed which can toxin is very hard and digestive system eliminated them as whole. Phytolacca is the scientific name of American Poke-weed which has white flowers and black berry fruits.

Phytolacca help to burns fats by normalizing our metabolism. This natural treatment can help to reduce 5-6 kg weight 2-3 months without any side effect. It is also helpful to the people suffering from thyroid disorders with metabolic problems. It also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant properties.


Three drops a day with water.

Safety Warnings

Buy SBL B-Trim homeopathic medicines for obesity and weight loss online only after consulting your homeopath.