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Manufacturer: Bahola
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Bahola ALFALFA is an ideal one for growing children, adolescents and adults. It helps to boost energy and reduce stress level. It tones up the appetite and has a calming effect which helps in coping up with the day to day pressures of modern life.




Alfalfa Q HPI

Aswagandha Q HPI

Avena sativa Q HPI

Passiflora Inc Q HPI

Nux Vomica Q HPI

Hydrastis Can Q HPI

Ferrum phos 30C HPI

Kali Phos 30C HPI

Natrum Phos 30C HPI


The action of its individual constituents is as follows.


1     Alfalfa Q :Tones up appetite, improves digestion, assimilation, absorption of food, thus over all improving the health status of the body.

2    Aswagantha Q: Indicated for extreme fatigue and tiredness.

3    Avena Sativa Q: Prevents nervous exhaustion and head aches.  Best suited for exhaustion coming on after debilitating illness.

4    Passiflora Inc Q: Helps to induce a calm, peaceful sleep. Cures insomnia of infants & adults.

5    Nux vomica Q: It is the remedy for many of the conditions consequent to the modern  day stressful life.  It acts as a nerve calmer, soothes the irritability and temper.

6    Hydrastis Can Q: Improves music power, correct digestion and prevents constipation.

7    Ferrum Phos 30c: Increases the hemoglobin content of the body. Prevents symptoms of anaemia.

8     Kali Phos 30 C: One of the greatest never remedies.  It prevents nerve weakness, removes lethargy, lassitude, depression and irritability.

9    Natrum Phos 30 C: Prevents acidity, flatulence, sour erucations. Also cures symptoms relating to worm infestations.


Side Effects :-


- No side effects of ALFALA are know.


Contraindications :-


- No Contraindications know.




- No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in ALFALFA. It does not interact with the action of any other medicine.

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Advanced Quality Testing processes include
• Colorimeteric Analysis
• Thin layer Chromatography
• Spectrometeric Analysis
• Partition Chromatography
How we prepare our Mother Tinctures
• Plants are naturally complex and so are mother tinctures.
• Plant quality depends on growing, harvesting, drying, storage and extraction of the mother tinctures.
Mother Tinctures Preparation
• Maceration if plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums.
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• Mother Tincture before packing are tested for phytochemical profile, level of actives and consistency.
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