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Manufacturer: Bahola
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DYSENTIL is a homeopathic product of Bahola which help to relive symtomps of diarrhea and dysentery. It arrests abdominal pain, gradually decreases the frequency of stools and helps in preventing recurrent attacks of dysentery.




- Aloe Soc 6X H.P.I

- Croton Tig 6X H. PI

- Podophyllum 6X H.P.I

- Merc sub cor 6X H.P.I


The action of its individual constituents is as follows.


1 Aloe Soc 6X: Indicated when there is loss of power in the anal sphincter . Stools are lumpy jelly like with copious mucus and there is pain in the rectum after stools.

2 Croton Tig 6X: For summer drarrhoea with copious watery stools which are evacuated forcibly . There is constant urging for stools and gurgling in the intestine.

3 Podophyllum 6X: For profuse, painless, putrid stools. Stool is watery with jelly like mucus. It cures gastro-enteritis and dentition drarrhoea.

4 Mercurius Corrosivus 6x: For dysentery with extreme tenesmus not relived by stool. Stools are hot, bloody slimy with mucus shreds.


Side effects :-


- No side effects of DYSENTIL are known.


Contraindications :-


- No contraindications know.




- No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in DYSENTIL .It does not interact with the action of any