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Manufacturer: Bahola
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Bahola's FI-PHOS is a well balanced combination of all the Five Phos salts namely Calc Phos, Ferrum Phos, Kali Phos, Mag Phos, Nat Phos which make this very effective medicine in relieving stress. Its Regular consumption reduces mental and physical fatigue, stress, neurasthenia, insomnia, anxiety, anemia etc.




a) Calc. Phos 6x HPI

b) Ferrum Phos 6x HPI

c) Kali Phos 6x HPI

d) Nat Phos 6x HPI

e) Mag Phos 6x HPI


The action of its individual constituents is as follows.


1. Calc. Phos 6x: Is one of the most important tissue remedies with marked action on bones. It helps to keep bones strong and also improves digestion.

2. Ferrum Phos 6x : Increased hemoglobin content and prevents anaemia, debility after hemorrhages.

3. Kali Phos 6x : As a nerve remedy it cures nerve ness, anxiety, insomnia, mental and physical depression. Complients coming from excitement , overwork, worry or controlled by Kali Phos. It is also indicated for brain fag, weak memory.

4.Mag Phos 6X : Reliance neuralgic pains, muscular cramps. Suited to tired, exhausted indivituables averse to mental and physical activity.

4.Nat Phos 6X : Streamlines the dregestive functions, reliance acidity and heart burn it also relience nervours tremors.


Side effects:-


- No side effects of FIPHOS are know.


Contraindications :-


- No contraindications know.




- No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in FIPHOS it interact with the action of any other medicine.