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Manufacturer: Bahola
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MENAREG is a homeopathic patent from Bahola's which helps to control and cure Dysmenorrhoea, menorrhagia, metrorrhagia and other mensurational irregularities. It offers considerable relief from symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS).




- Colocynthis 6C HPI

- Pulsatilla 6C HPI

- Sabina 6C HPI

- Mag phos 6X HPI

- Kali Sulph 6X HPI


Action and indications of individual constituents is as follows :


1.Colocynthis 6: relieves agonizing abdominal pain. Crampy dysmenorrhoea better by doubling up, pressure warmth is indicative of

2.Pulsatilla 6 : acts when menses are suppressed due to getting wet or due to nervous debility. Menses are late scanty, changeable causing patient to become nervous and irritable.

3.Sabina 6 : Is indicated when pain extends from sacrum to pubis and goes down to thighs Complaints are aggravated on motion.

4.Mag phos 6x: is a leading anti - spasmodic medicine. Menstrual colic, ovarian neuralgia, vaginismus accompany menstruation.

5.Kali Sulph 6x: a useful medicine for metrorrhagia menses are late scanty with Q feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.


Side effects:-


- No side effects of MENAREG are know.


Contraindications :-


- No contraindications know.




- No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in MENAREG. It does not interact with the action of any other medicine.

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