Bakson's Homoeopathy

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Bakson's Sunny Herbals Apricot Scrub

For Fresh & Charming Look With remarkable exfoliating properties, this formula deep cleanses to unclog pores and eliminates impurities. Enriched with Apricot, it helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells along with hydration of the skin, thus giving it a fresh and radiant look.
₹ 115.00

Bakson's Sunny Arnica Shampoo

With extra conditioners Gently cleans & conditions hair A pH balanced shampoo that controls hair-loss, dandruff & re-establishes moisture & shine.
₹ 115.00

Baksons Baksodent Toothpaste Gel

Helps relieve bleeding gums, fights caries, tartar and bad breath.
₹ 300.00

Baksons Sunny Moisturizing Lotion

For Oily Skin A deeply nourishing moisturizing lotion enriched with the extracts of Rose & Aloevera to promote a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.
₹ 160.00

Baksons Hair Aid Gel

A Marvel for hair Bakson’s Hair Aid Gel is for safe styling of hair while nourishing them with the goodness of homoeopathic medicines. It helps remove dandruff, checks premature greying and falling of hair besides providing total nourishment for healthy growth of hair. Composition: Arnica montana Ø , Pilocarpus jaborandi Ø, Hydrocotyle asiatica (Brahmi) Ø, Cantharis Ø.
₹ 200.00

Bakson's Sunny Shikakai Shampoo

Lustre - n - Silky An ideal shampoo that nourishes dull, life-less hair. Promotes healthy growth of hair & leaves them clean, replenished, resilient, soft & silky.
₹ 115.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Turmeric Soap

Complete Skin care
₹ 180.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Sandal Soap

Bakson’s Sunnny Herbals Sandal Soap comes with all the goodness of Sandal in a delightful package with lingering fragrance
₹ 180.00

Baksons Sunny Herbals Stay Fresh Deodorant - For Men

Antiperspirant A safe deodorant constituted by ingredients which are hypoallergenic, non-sticky, non-staining and leaves no white residue. It contains Jaborandi, Aloevera & Calendula that offer a sustained perspiration regulation with a cooling and mesmerizing fragrance that keeps body fresh all day long. Ideal for people having sensitive skin or allergies as well.
₹ 125.00

Bakson's Sunny Anti-Lice Shampoo

A clinically tested shampoo that is safe for use of children. It makes lice eggs easy to comb out, relieves the itching caused by lice bites and when used as directed, it helps prevent reinfestation. No chemical smell – leaves hair soft, shiny and pleasantly fragrant. It makes lice removal a completely painless experience.
₹ 115.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals B-Shape Cream

An effective formulation with goodness of natural herbs that firms, enhances & lifts breasts after pregnancy, nursing or general aging have affected them. This is a natural, side-effect free solution that helps regain fuller, firmer and more youthful appearance without resorting to expensive surgery.
₹ 275.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Akne Aid Soap

For Pimple Free Skin
₹ 180.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Henna Gold

Sunny Herbals Henna Gold is a unique combination of Henna with Amla, Arnica, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Kattha, Shikakai, Nagarmotha along with calendula, Neem and Fenugreek powder. Arnica, imparts natural color & condition to hair. Added benefits of Aloevera, Neem and Fenugreek powder make it a suitable product to reduce Hair fall and controls dandruff. Calendula and Arnica heals dry and damaged hair and adds extra shine to them.
₹ 185.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Mud Pack

For Radiant Skin. A special blend of natural ingredients that increases the oxygen availability to the skin & reduces aging lines, keeping it smooth & radiant.
₹ 150.00