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Manufacturer: Herbalhills
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Brahmi is a very popular ayurvedic brain tonic. It may help boost longevity, improve mental functions & learning ability. Brahmi has active ingredient Bacosides which are considered to be helpful in supporting mental clarity, focus, cognitive capability.

Useful and recommended in:-

-It supports mental clarity, focus, cognitive capability.
-Has antioxidant properties.
-Acts as an overall nervous system tonic.
-Helps calm the mind.




Brahmi powder - 1 kg powder - 8906008269239
Brahmi powder - 100 gms powder - 8906008267006

Safety Warnings:

Buy Brahmi powder online after consulting your physician


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Before buying this medicine consult your physician first. This website do not provide any kind of medical advice to end user.
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Brahmi mother tincture

Advanced Quality Testing processes include
• Colorimeteric Analysis
• Thin layer Chromatography
• Spectrometeric Analysis
• Partition Chromatography
How we prepare our Mother Tinctures
• Plants are naturally complex and so are mother tinctures.
• Plant quality depends on growing, harvesting, drying, storage and extraction of the mother tinctures.
Mother Tinctures Preparation
• Maceration if plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums.
• Only high quality “Extra Neutral Alcohol” is used.
• Mother Tincture before packing are tested for phytochemical profile, level of actives and consistency.
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