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Cineraria Maritima Euphrasia eye drops are a product developed by of Research & the Development department of SBL in collaboration with BOIRON, France. It is a various combination of well proven formula of homeopathic medicines for the treatment of conjunctivitis and other related inflammatory conditions of the eyes.

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as red eye is a condition that causes redness and inflammation of the thin layer of tissue that covers the front of the eye. The conjunctiva is the mucous membrane that covers the front part, i.e. anterior sclera of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids. The severe type of conjunctivitis which is also known as Tacoma can cause blindness if proper care is not taken.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis include

-itchiness of the eyes and redness
-discharge of water and mucus
-sticky coating on the eyelashes in the morning
-enlarged lymph node in the ear


Conjunctivitis is serious and needs quick diagnosis and treatment and Cineraria Maritima is found useful in cases of early cataract as an external application.


Conjunctivitis and other inflammatory conditions of eye. Spring catarrh. Irritation due to foreign bodies, vehicle smoke and environmental pollution. Eye strain. Corneal opacities, tendency to obscuration of crystalline lens.


10-15 drops in ¼ cup of water 3-4 times a day

Safety Warnings:

Buy SBL CINERARIA MARITIMA EUPHRASIA homeopathic remedy for eye related problem after consulting your homeopath doctor.

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Cineraria maritima mother tincture

Advanced Quality Testing processes include
• Colorimeteric Analysis
• Thin layer Chromatography
• Spectrometeric Analysis
• Partition Chromatography
How we prepare our Mother Tinctures
• Plants are naturally complex and so are mother tinctures.
• Plant quality depends on growing, harvesting, drying, storage and extraction of the mother tinctures.
Mother Tinctures Preparation
• Maceration if plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums.
• Only high quality “Extra Neutral Alcohol” is used.
• Mother Tincture before packing are tested for phytochemical profile, level of actives and consistency.
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