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Bahola's CMS is prepared by means of a special process from the juice of plant species Senecio Cineraria collected just before flowering. The preparation contains all active principles of Cineraria in its original and stabilized form, thus guarantees a constant and reliable action. It is recommended for gradual loss of vision or double vision as a result of senile or traumatic Opacities of the lens and cornea. It is very useful in early stages of cataract./p>




- Cineraria  maritima extracted juice


The action of its individual constituents is as follows.


- When applied to the eyes it has a mild irritating effect that increases the blood flow to the area, thus is beneficial in cataract and other opacities of lens and cornea.

- It also helps to clear away any eye infection and increases local resistance.


Dosage :-


- Instill 1-2 drops times a day into the effected eyes.


Contraindications :-


- No contraindications know.




- No antidotal and inimical medicines are used in CINERARIA MARITIMA interact the action of any other medicine.

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Before buying this medicine consult your physician first. This website do not provide any kind of medical advice to end user.
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Cineraria maritima mother tincture

Advanced Quality Testing processes include
• Colorimeteric Analysis
• Thin layer Chromatography
• Spectrometeric Analysis
• Partition Chromatography
How we prepare our Mother Tinctures
• Plants are naturally complex and so are mother tinctures.
• Plant quality depends on growing, harvesting, drying, storage and extraction of the mother tinctures.
Mother Tinctures Preparation
• Maceration if plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums.
• Only high quality “Extra Neutral Alcohol” is used.
• Mother Tincture before packing are tested for phytochemical profile, level of actives and consistency.
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