Vendor: DF Pharmacy Ltd
Manufacturer: Healthvit
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Buy Clearclin  acne prevention solution online


Clearclin Solution is a Revitalizing Toner designed to clear the skin and make it clean.

Clearclin Solution useful in removing :-

-Excessive oil
-Surface impurities
-Dead skin cells

It also helpful to:-

-Leave skin feeling fresh
-Healthy looking
-Bacteria free.
-Prevent from developing of new blemishes (small mark or flaw)
-Clear acne

Tea tree oil rejuvenates the skin. Camphor & peppermint oil leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh, Camphor also gives antiseptic effect.


-Chlorhexidine gluconate
-Salicylic acid

How to use:

Use twice a day for best results.

Safety Warnings

Buy clearclin solution online after consulting your doctor.

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