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Parthadyarishta-arjunarishta - 225 ml

Useful in Heart Tonic, improves heart efficiency.
₹ 73.00

Kutjarishta - 225 ml

Used in diarrhea, dysentery and piles. Used with Dabur Lohasava when blood and mucus are present in the stools.
₹ 72.00

Mahamanjishthadi kwath - 225 ml

Useful in Blood purifier and anti-infective, Skin disease, Eczema, boils, Gout, Polio, syphilis, Numbness on skin (as a symptom of Leprotic lesion), Hemiplagia, Obesity and vision disturbances.
₹ 70.00

Shirahshuladri vajra ras - 20 tab

Useful in Chronic headache, Hemicrania and Migraine, feeling of heaviness in the head, coryza, feeling hammering pain in head, heaviness of eyes due to cold, giddiness and insomnia.
₹ 40.00

Makaradhwaj vati tablets

Rejuvenator corrects premature aging symptoms such as chronic fatigue, unable to maintain daily routine, lack of strength, stamina and energy.
₹ 55.00

Praval bhasma

Useful in Hyperacidity, Abdominal pain, Palpitation also recommended ion TB, Cough and bronchitis. In haemoptysis it is given with betelleaf juice. It is given with Sitopaladi churna in TB.
₹ 188.00

Tuvrak chalmogra tail

Useful in Skin diseases.
₹ 66.00

Amla pittantak lauh - 5 gm

Hyperccidity. Recommended in acid eructations, Vomiting, burning sensation in chest, and throat
₹ 40.00

Dhatupaushtik churna - 100 gm

Provides strength and stamina.
₹ 166.00

Abhrak bhasma

General weakness, Chronic fever, Diabetes, Respiratory ailments, restlessness and anemia. It improves Vigor and Vitality.
₹ 86.00

Draksharishta - 225 ml

Useful in Cough, Asthma and general weakness. Used in palpitation of heart with Dabur Arjunarishta.
₹ 82.00

Babularishta - 450 ml

Used in Skin diseases and blood impurities, metabolic disorders, diarrhea, Urinary disorders, Chronic cough, Bronchitis hematemesis Haemoptysis and emaciation.
₹ 111.00

Saptamrita lauh - 10 gm

Recommended in eye diseases like irritaton, redness associated with watery secretion. Also recommended to tone up eye muscles and to improve eyesight .
₹ 30.00

Shrigopal tail

To maintain, promote tone, strength and stamina in males
₹ 117.00

Ashwagandharishta - 225 ml

Useful in nervous disorders. Improves memory. Used in Epilepsy, Insanity, infertility and in piles. In infertility it is given with Vrihat Purnachandra ras and Dabur Siddha Makaradhwaj special.
₹ 91.00

Mukta panchamrit ras moti yukt - 1 gm

Processed in Ikshu ras, Gaudugdh, Kumari ras, Shatavari and Tulsi. Fever and calcium deficiency conditions like Rickets, Osteomalacia.
₹ 215.00

Ekangvir ras - 40 tab

Useful in Paralysis, Bell's palsy, Hemiplagia, Brachial Palsy and Sciatica.
₹ 77.00

Mahachandanadi tail - 50 ml

Useful in Burning sensation and dry nesss in Tuberculosis, Haematamais and Fatigue.
₹ 86.00

Yogendra ras gold

Dabur Yogendra Ras (with Gold and Pearl) treats Polio, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, quadriplegia, Muscular weakness and Urine inconsistence associated with paralysis.
₹ 482.00

Pushpdhanwa ras

This rejuvenating tonic improves strength, stamina and energy and is a good stimulant. This is also beneficial in poor erection resulting from nerve weakness and testicular dystrophy. Recommended in seminal weakness and infertility in females resulting from poor development of Ovaries.
₹ 225.00

Bilvadi lehya - 250 gm

Vilwadi Lehyam is an Ayurvedic medicine used for a variety of stomach related complaints like vomiting, nausea, low digestion power etc. It is a special medicine contributed by Kerala Ayurveda tradition. It is available in the form of herbal jam / paste. This is also known as Bilwadi Leha, Bilwadi lehyam, Bilvadi Leham etc.
₹ 112.00

Shringarabhra ras - 20 tab

Useful in Cough, with or without fever, asthma, vomiting, colic, hyperacidity, Excessive thirst, Jaundice, Haemataemesis, Coryza, and enlargement of Spleen etc. It is particularly useful in haemoptysis and hoarseness associated with slight rise of temparature. Also recommended in Tuberculosis. Helps to overcome emaciation and promote ojas.
₹ 44.00

Patrangasava - 225 ml

Useful in Anaemia, bleeding piles, Shweta pradar and rakta Pradar.
₹ 91.00

Swarnamakshik bhasma - 5 gm

Useful in Pitta vikar like Anaemia, Jaundice, Stomatitis, Chronic fever, Sleeplessness, Burning urination, Burning sensation on eyes, chest etc. burning sensation all over the body, lack of concentration and retention etc.
₹ 52.00

Shankhpushpi tail - 50 ml

To promote muscle tone, strength, and complexion in children.
₹ 77.00

Siddh makaradhwaj - 10 tab

This is a Rejuvenator. It relieves Comlicated fever, Poor appetite, Loss of taste, Stomachache due to indigestion, Back ache, Chest pain, Cough, Btreathlessness, Tuberculosis, Skin diseases, Throat problems, Peritonitis, Chrnoic diarrhoea, Elephintiais, Fistulae, Piles, Sinus and Ercetile Dysfunction. It improves Digestion, Energy, Intelligence, longevity, comlexion and reproductive fluids. Stmultaes sexual desire. Arrests premature hair greying and pre mature hair fall.
₹ 108.00

Medoharvidangadi lauh - 40 tab

Indicated in weight loss.
₹ 75.00

Kamdudha ras moti yukt - 20 tab

Useful in Bleeding from nose, urine, rectum, associated with burning sensation the in palms and soles, chest & eyes.
₹ 152.00

Saraswatarishta - 225 ml

Improves Consentration, Mental faculty and is beneicial in Anxiety and Insomnia.
₹ 82.00

Anand bhairav ras jwar

Useful in Fever, Dyspepsia, Indigerstion, fever with pain in the body, Cold, Influenza, headache and bodyache associated with diarrohea.
₹ 85.00

Bolbaddha ras - 5 gm

Useful in Bleeding Piles, Haematemesis, Epistaxis, Menorrhagia, Dysfunctional and Uterine Bleeding.
₹ 40.00

Chandramrit ras - 20 tab

Useful in Chronic cough and other respiratory ailments such as Rajayakshma.
₹ 35.00

Kantkaryavaleha - 100 gm

Useful in Hiccough, Breathlessness and Bronchitis, Cough, Asthma and other chest diseases also used as diuretic in dysuria and dropsy.
₹ 96.00

Swarna parpati - 1 gm

Useful in Chronic Dysentery, Sprue, Ulcerative Colitis, Duodenal Ulcer, and Stomatitis. It also relieves weakness associated with sprue and helps in faster recovery.
₹ 465.00

Ras pipari - 10 tab

Useful in Teething problems such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cold and cough.
₹ 62.00

Avipattikar churna

Useful in Hyperacidity, Heart burn Constipation, Indigestion Urinary retention, and resultant diseases also recommended in Diabetes and Piles.
₹ 88.00

Mukta shukti motiseep pishti - 5 gm

Indication: Hyper acidity associated with burning sensation in chest and eye, restlessness, loss of taste and cough.
₹ 46.00

Vrihat vangeshwar ras - gold

Useful in Diabetes, Polyuria, Dysuria, Urinary retention, Urine incontinence and other symptoms observed in Benign Prostrate Enlargement.
₹ 320.00

Punarnavarishta - 225 ml

Useful in Oedema, Anaenia and Ascites associated with Enlargement of Lever and Spleen.
₹ 69.00

Dashmool kwath kadha - 225 ml

Fever associated with body ache, aftr delivery, Cold ness in hands and legs, Vertigo, Excessive Perspiration, Cough, Breathless ness. Carrdiac stimulant and tonic. Sedative, Expectorant, Anti-infective and anti-periodic. Restorative and nervine tonic. Used in pneumonia, pleurisy and influenza.
₹ 66.00