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Lauh bhasma hingulyog - 5 gm

Useful in Anaemia, Jaundice, enlargemen of liver and spleen and associated weakness.
₹ 40.00

Maharasnadi kwath kadha - 225 ml

Useful in Paralysis, Sciatica, brachial plexus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Elephientiasis, Hysteria, Peritonitis, Flatulence, Pain over knee and Ankle joints, syphilitic lesions, Vaginal and Uterine diseases.
₹ 70.00

Chopchinyadi churna - 60 gm

Useful for Syphilitic Ulcers.
₹ 100.00

Mahamash tail niramish

As massage oil in Muscular weakness, Nervous disorders, Paralysis, Neck stiffness, Facial Paralysis, body pains and as ear drops in Ear ache.
₹ 94.00

Mustakarishta - 450 ml

Useful in Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Cholera, Dyspepsia and Indigestion.
₹ 113.00

Gandhak shodhit - 15 gm

Useful in Skin diseases and blood disorders.
₹ 51.00

Vrihat purnachandra ras gold

Nutritive tonic for blood, muscles, bones and briin. Contimuous administration of this tonic helps rejuvenate body and mind.
₹ 300.00

Agnitundi vati - 80 tab

Loss of appetite and Indigestion. It relieves abdominal colic, loss of taste, Indigestion, flatulence, diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal worms, and fever due to indigestion resulting in loss of appetite.
₹ 74.00

Triphala guggulu

Uesful in Piles, Fistula and other inflammatory conditions.
₹ 46.00

Mukta shukti motiseep pishti - 5 gm

Indication: Hyper acidity associated with burning sensation in chest and eye, restlessness, loss of taste and cough.
₹ 46.00

Gandhak rasayan - 5 gm

Useful in Skin diseases like Ringworm, Scabies, Itching and other fungal infections.
₹ 40.00

Maha sudarshan kwath - 225 ml

Symptomatic relief in Fever, Tiredness, Vertigo, Thirst, Breathless ness, Cough, Anaemia, Jaundice, Palpitation also recommended in Sciatica, Backache and Ankle pain.
₹ 82.00

Grahani kapat ras - 20 tab

Useful in Diarrhoea, Dysentery, flatulence, colic.
₹ 52.00

Garbhapal ras - 40 tab

Habitual Abortion, Miscarriage, Usage of garbhpal Ras ensures better nourishment to foetus.
₹ 46.00

Amarsundari gutika - 30 tab

Useful in Vatarog like fever, delirium, flatulence, cold, rheumatic fever and rheumatic pains etc.
₹ 40.00

Vrihat vangeshwar ras - gold

Useful in Diabetes, Polyuria, Dysuria, Urinary retention, Urine incontinence and other symptoms observed in Benign Prostrate Enlargement.
₹ 320.00

Sitopaladi churna

Useful in Bronchitis, Cough, burnin sensation in hands and feet and Cold.
₹ 126.00

Ras sindur samgunjarit - 2.5 gm

This is a Rejuvenator. It relieves Comlicated fever, Poor appetite,Loss of taste, Stomachache due to indigestion, Back ache, Chest pain, Cough, Btreathlessness, Tuberculosis, Skin diseases, Throat problems, Peritonitis, Chrnoic diarrhoea, Elephintiais, Fistulae, Piles, Sinus, Ercetile Dysfunction.It improves Digestion, Energy,Intelligence,longevity, comlexion and reproductive fluids.Stmultaes sexual desire.Arrests premature hair greying and pre mature hair fall. Dose: 1/8 to 1 tablet in the morning and evening or as directed by the Physician.
₹ 66.00

Panchamrit parpati - 5 gm

Useful in Diarrhoea, Dysentery associated with fever, weakness and Anaemia.
₹ 62.00

Draksharishta - 225 ml

Useful in Cough, Asthma and general weakness. Used in palpitation of heart with Dabur Arjunarishta.
₹ 82.00

Saraswatarishta - 225 ml

Improves Consentration, Mental faculty and is beneicial in Anxiety and Insomnia.
₹ 82.00

Talisadi churna

Useful in Cough, Dyspepsia and Fever.
₹ 60.00

Arogyavardhini gutika ras tablets

Useful in "Pita vikar" like skin diseases, fever and blood disorders like jaundice, anemia and useful in loss of appetite.
₹ 40.00

Chandanasava - 225 ml

Used in Urinary and urogential disorders. Recommended in Burning Micturition, Cystitis.Improves digestion and increases appetite. Useful in gonorrhoea and urethritis.
₹ 69.00

Mahajwarankush ras - 40 tab

Pharmacology: Antiperiodic and Antipyretic . Acute and Chronic fevers associated with respiratory complications.
₹ 35.00

Avipattikar tablets - 60 tab

Useful in Hyperacidity, Heartburn, Constipation, Indigestion Urinary retention and resultant diseases also recommended in Diabetes and Piles.
₹ 100.00

Abhayarishta - 225 ml

Laxative and Diuretic and Improves appetite. Used in bleeding dry piles, ascites, oedema and in constipation.
₹ 69.00

Balrogantak ras - 160 tab

Useful in Fever, Cold and Cough in Children.
₹ 74.00

Avipattikar churna

Useful in Hyperacidity, Heart burn Constipation, Indigestion Urinary retention, and resultant diseases also recommended in Diabetes and Piles.
₹ 88.00

Nashtpushpantak ras - 40 tab

Useful in Stimulates uro-genital system , Indicated in rheumatism, Uterine diseases, Dysurea,Scanty secretion of semen and pains in the genitalia, Irregular menstrual cycles, pain in the back and waist.
₹ 92.00

Lauhasava - 225 ml

Useful in Iron deficiency, Jaundice, and Enlargement of Liver and Spleen. In bronchitis and Asthma it Is given with Vasasava and Bhringarajasava.
₹ 69.00

Tribhuwankirti ras - 40 tabs

Dabur Tribhuwankirti Ras Tribhuwankirti Ras for Fever, Cold, Cough, Bodyache and Tonsillitis. Indication of Dabur Tribhuwankirti Ras : Acute and relapsing fevers associated with cold, cough, bodyache and tonsillitis. Its usage is also recommended in Measles.
₹ 44.00

Laksha guggulu - 40 tab

This medicine relieves pain resulting from bone fractures, dislocation of joints, relieves the complications arising from fractured bones and bone injuries. This is also beneficial in phthisis, malnutrition, `Vat' rog and cardiac complaints.
₹ 64.00

Pradarantak lauh - 5 gm

Leucorrhoea associated with weakness, pain in lower abdomen, backache, headache and irritation.
₹ 32.00

Shilajatwadi vati swarna yukta - 5 tab

Useful in Spermatorrhoea, emaciation and Diabetes.It remove nervous debility, weak memory and make the body healthy and strong.
₹ 505.00

Vasant malti ras gold

Restores energy after chronic fever like malaria and typhoid. Research studies indicate that Vasant Malti Ras due to the presence of Kharpara bhasma is also useful in Oligospermia, Spermatorrhoea and Diabetic infertility. (Ref. Indian Materia Medical. Vol.II)
₹ 332.00

Saunf ka ark - 250 ml

Useful in Colic, Flatulence and nausea.
₹ 65.00

Shadbindu tail

Useful in Sinusitis, Catarrha, Head ache, Hemi crania, Pre mature greying of hair amd Pre mature hair fall.
₹ 57.00

Tuvrak chalmogra tail

Useful in Skin diseases.
₹ 66.00

Shankh bhasma

Useful in Indigestion, Flatulence abdominal pain, vomiting, Diarrhoea, belching, gastritis and Hyper aciduty.
₹ 66.00