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Description :-


Product Name : Dhoob Grass Powder (Cynodon dactylon)
Crop Variety : Jungle Herb
Geo Tag (Place of Origin): Nllgirs, TN

Breif Description:

Cynodon dactylon is native to eastern Africa and prefers moist and warm climates with high light. Bermuda grass is considered a very invasive and competitive weed. Doob grass has many health as well as medicinal benefits. Durva grass is loaded with medicinal uses that can be used as home remedies. It contains Protien, Calcium, Phosphorous, Fibre and Potassium.


General uses:-

It helps the body help itself by optimising the immune system. so it is act prevention of disease.
Bermuda grass contains more than 65% chlorophyll. This helps in increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.




 Gtin : 58


Safety Warnings  & Notes:-


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Cynodon dactylon mother tincture

Advanced Quality Testing processes include
• Colorimeteric Analysis
• Thin layer Chromatography
• Spectrometeric Analysis
• Partition Chromatography
How we prepare our Mother Tinctures
• Plants are naturally complex and so are mother tinctures.
• Plant quality depends on growing, harvesting, drying, storage and extraction of the mother tinctures.
Mother Tinctures Preparation
• Maceration if plant is fresh, is a resin or contains gums.
• Only high quality “Extra Neutral Alcohol” is used.
• Mother Tincture before packing are tested for phytochemical profile, level of actives and consistency.
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