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Description & Use of dr.rao's keshovin hair wash

Dr.Rao's Keshovin Shampoo,Cleans and maintains your hair healthy and lustrous with natural herbs. Nourishes hair roots and prevents hair loss.
 Cleanses and maintains your healthy and lustrous hair with natural herbs.
 Ensures healthy scalp & leaves the hair soft, silky and healthy.
 Nourishes the hair roots and prevents hair loss.
 The healing feature of Aloe Vera cures minor scratches and cuts on the scalp caused by abrasive combine and scratching.
 The conditioning properties of Aloe Vera nourishes scalp & rejuvenates the hair, transforming dull lifeless hair into a lustrous and tangle free mane.

Safety Warnings & Notes

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4. Bharat Stage emission standards for Vehicle.
5. BIS hallmark for gold jewellery.
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