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Dr.rao's dressol first aid dusting powder

Dr.Rao's Dressol is a Effective topical herbal dressing powder is the best wound healer that staunches bleeding and acts as pain reliever too.
₹ 38.00

Dr.rao's moni plus - d noni with amla for diabetics

Dr.Rao's Moni Plus-D is Specially formulated for Diabetes, Acts as an anti-oxidant, immune system builder and blood purifier there by enhancing life span.
₹ 1,485.00

Dr.rao's moniplus noni with amla -immuno booster

Dr.Rao's Moni Plus is made from Morinda Citrifolia fruit and amla. Acts as an anti-oxidant, immune system builder and blood purifier there by enhancing life span.
₹ 1,375.00

Dr.rao's dressol herbal dressing oil

Dr.Rao's Dressol Oil is the best dressing oil on diabetic or non-diabetic, non healing ulcers, extensive burns, bed sores, herpes zoster etc.
₹ 180.00

Dr.rao's dressol first aid ointment

Dr.Rao's Dressol is the best Antiseptic (First Aid) Ointment, which is a special investigate of ayurvedic formulation that quickly heals wounds and bed sores.
₹ 35.00

Dr.rao's keshovin herbal hair oil

Dr.Rao's Keshovin is a Herbal Hair Tonic with coconut oil base. Made with aqueous extracts of fresh green herbs that prevents premature falling and greying of hair.
₹ 255.00

Dr.rao's keshovin hair wash

Dr.Rao's Keshovin Shampoo, Cleans and maintains your hair healthy and lustrous with natural herbs. Nourishes hair roots and prevents hair loss.
₹ 150.00

Dr.rao's kool n kool herbal treat for summer heat

Dr.Rao's Kool N Kool is a Palatable beverage to counter summer heat, exhaustion and excessive sweating. Provides relief from heat , thrist and possible sunstroke.
₹ 180.00

Dr.rao's keshovin-l anti-lice hair oil

Keshovin L Anti-lice Hair Tonic Herbo-mineral anti-lice hair solutions. Provides systematic relief from LICE, without disturbing the normal hair growth.
₹ 55.00

Dr.rao's altone capsules

Dr.Rao's Altone Capsules improves immunity , appetite,digestion, assimilation and acts best as an anti-oxidant.
₹ 209.00

Dr.rao's gynostat capsules

Dr.Rao's Gynostat is an execellent utero, ovarian Sedative, Anodyne capsules. Natural bliss to treat pelvic congestion , uterine dysfunction, menopausal disturbances.
₹ 185.00

Dr.rao's dan-f anti dandruff hair oil

Dr.Rao's Dan F Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic is the best and effective Anti-Dandruff Hair Tonic for chronic scalp problems like Seborrhea, dermatitis, taeniacaptis etc.
₹ 150.00

Dr.rao's chyavana forte liquid form of chyavanaprash

Presented First Time, Chyavana Forte is a blend of amla fruits with aqueous extract of all vital ingredients of chyawanaprash in the liquid form (free from GHEE ).
₹ 255.00

Dr.rao's aram pain relief oil

Dr.Rao's Aram pain relief oil relieves pains related to muscles, hard structures of joints and deeper tissues by local application.
₹ 180.00

Dr.rao's keshovin-a alopecia hair oil

Dr.Rao's Keshovin is a hair tonic for alopecia. Sure remedy to treat Alopecia or its related problems. Specially formulated to increase the density of hair
₹ 170.00

Dr.rao's enliv liver corrective and protective capsules

Dr.Rao's Enliv is liver corrective and protective syrup. Formulated to provide multifarious protection against toxic drugs, vital and alcohol induced liver toxicity.
₹ 175.00

Dr.rao's keshovin hair nourishing capsules

Dr.Rao's Keshovin Capsules is the special formulation that provides ample nourishment by enhancing micro circulation around hair follicles for a lustrous hair.
₹ 200.00

Dr.rao's kaphlin cold & cough syrup

Dr.Rao's Kaphlin useful in cough associated with common cold, spasmodic cough, bronchitis, ashtma and cough related to other respiratory problems.
₹ 49.00

Dr.rao's vital tea herbal tea for diabetes

Vital health bevarage that ensures beneficial results for everyone especially for diabetics. Our vital tea is formulated with highly recommended herbs for Diabetics
₹ 135.00

Dr.rao's chyavana forte- d liquid form of chyavanaprash for diabetics

Dr.Rao's CHYAVANA FORTE- D is the rejuvenating Tonic for Diabetics with chyawanaprash ingredients.Non-Sugar,Non-alcoholic base,recommended in diabetic complications.
₹ 255.00