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Features And Benefits
Elite 100% Whey Protein
Cross-Flow Microfiltration Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate
25 g Protein
5.5 g BCAAs
4 g Glutamine**
1 g Sugars***
Zytrix Advanced Digestive Enzyme Matrix
Gluten Free
No Added Sugar or Aspartame
Scientifically Formulated
Athlete Tested / University Proven
Get the Most Out of Your Workouts with Elite Whey!
The Highest Quality Protein
Elite Whey provides 25 grams of 100% Whey Protein per serving. Whey is considered to be the best source of protein due to its high Biological Value (BV), Amino Acid Profile and fast absorption to give your body what it needs to build muscle and recover.
Loaded with Muscle Fuel
Each serving of Elite Whey delivers 5.5 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), which are depleted during intense training. BCAAs act directly in muscles to help promote the building of protein and speed recovery. Elite Whey also delivers 2.7 grams of L-Leucine, the BCAA that is directly involved in activating muscle protein synthesis, the process that builds your muscles and allows you to get stronger.
Delicious Taste
Dymatize has taken flavor to a whole new level! Our in-house flavor specialists worked long and hard to create even more decadent flavors we know you will enjoy. Elite Whey, the reward you deserve for all your hard work and dedication. So delightfully delicious, you will look forward to the next shake.
Your Ambition. Our Nutrition.
Strawberry Blast
Directions For Use
Add 1 level scoop to 6-8 oz. of water, juice or milk.
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