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Vendor: DF Pharmacy Ltd
Manufacturer: Healthvit
₹ 250.00

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FRC is helpful in Cracking, Severe Dryness, Itchiness & helps to deodorize your feet & heels. It is carefully chosen ingredients to reach deep in your skin. Miracle ingredients like Urea & Aloe keep this cream a step forward to cure stubborn foot problems. Unique formula is able to penetrate in deep layers of skin and improves dryness. Anti-ageing nature of cream rejuvenates and ensures overall well being of your feet & heels.

FRC cream useful for :

-Severe Dryness
-Penetrate in deep layers of skin
-Improves dryness
-Helps to deodorize your feet & heels.

How to use:

-Use twice a day for best results.

Safety Warnings

Buy Frc cream online after consulting your doctor.