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Ginger Powder (Adrak)


Description :-


Product Name :Ginger Powder (Adrak)

Dry Ginger powder is also known as (Sonth/Soonth/Saunth) in Hindi, ‘Sonti‘ in Telugu, (Chukku or Sukku) in Tamil, ‘Chukku‘ in Malayalam, ‘Shunti‘ in Kannada, ‘Sonth‘ in Bengali, ‘Soonth‘ in Gujarati and ‘Suntha‘ in Marathi.


General Health Benefits:-


- Dried ginger has been used in traditional medicine to give relief from gastrointestinal distress.
- The Gingerols in dried ginger has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties
- Ginger can promote sweating which helps to lower body temperature.




 Gtin : 257


Safety Warnings  & Notes:-


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