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Glow care twin pack provides two method of tackling stubborn acne and dryness which the skin experiences. The cream aids in clearing pimples, dark circles and also improves skin texture. The drops are efficacious in fighting acne bloteches and allergic manisfesation from within the body


Berb Aqui 2x, Kali Brom 3x, Pulasatilla 2x, Thuja 4x, Sepia 5x, Alcohol 7% v/v., Excipients q.s. CREAM :
Berb Aqui Æ, Hydrastis Æ, Ledum Pal Æ, in a Non greasy base.

Safety Warnings


Buy GlOW CARE COMPLEXION CREAM DROPS Online only after consulting your homeopath doctor . Homeopathic remedies are natural way of treating disease and are safe, well-tolerated, easy to take. It stimulate the body’s own healing response to disease using highly diluted preparations. The most important thing when attempting to diagnose and treat illnesses at home from self is to know when to stop and see a doctor. If symptoms persist, you must consult your doctor as minor symptoms can often be a sign of something more serious. Central Council of Homeopathy in India supply a list of qualified medical doctors who are registered as qualified homeopaths with degree in Homeopathy.

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