Health health benefits of Brahmi


Brahmi is one of the greatest herbs used in Ayurvedic medicines. It has a strong effect on the brain and is said to boost memory power. Brahmi is inherited from ancestors, for its unique characteristics to enhance thinking and reasoning. Brahmi works well with the problems associated with brain, liver, blood sugar and joint pains. The leaf is the main ingredient used in the preparation of medicines.


Health Benefits and medical uses of Brahmi

- Brahmi, in Ayurveda is considered as an effective brain tonic.

- Since ancient times, Brahmi is well known herb to boost memory power and improves the I.Q level of an individual.

- Brahmi supports the healthy functioning of the brain and helps to reduce stress and gives relaxation to the brain.

- Brahmi is not only useful for brain but it is very beneficial for the healthy liver.

- It has powerful anti oxidant activity which helps in detoxification and proper functioning of the liver.

- It is a safe and natural herb that helps to normalize the blood sugar.