Homeopathic Biocombinations

General Information

Homeopathic Biocombinations are prepared by adding more than one Biochemic. If a person is suffering from disease with multiple symptoms which can not covered by single salt then more than one salt is mixed i.e. Biochemic.Based upon symptoms, 3 to 5 Biochemics are combined to create 28 different combinations and each combination works on specific set of symptoms. Below are list of Biocombination available:-

Biocombination 1 - Anaemia    
Biocombination 2 -Asthma    
Biocombination 3 -Colic    
Biocombination 4 -Constipation    
Biocombination 5 -Coryza    
Biocombination 6 -Cough, cold and catarrh    
Biocombination 7 -Diabetes    
Biocombination 8 -Diarrhoea    
Biocombination 9-Dysentery    
Biocombination 10 -Enlarged tonsils    
Biocombination 11 -Fever    
Biocombination 12 -Headache    
Biocombination 13 -Leucorrhoea    
Biocombination 14 -Measles    
Biocombination 15 -Menstruation troubles    
Biocombination 16 -Nervous Exhaustion    
Biocombination 17 -Piles    
Biocombination 18 -Pyorrhoea    
Biocombination 19 -Rheumatism    
Biocombination 20 -Skin diseases    
Biocombination 21 -Teething troubles in children    
Biocombination 22 -Scrofula (Enlarged glands)    
Biocombination 23 -Toothache    
Biocombination 24 -(Five Phos) Nerves and brain tonic    
Biocombination 25 -Acidity, Flatulence,indigestion    
Biocombination 26 -Easy delivery    
Biocombination 27- Lack of vitality, early aging    
Biocombination 28 -General tonic

Safety Warnings Buy Homeopathic Biocombination online only after consulting your homeopath doctor.