Homeopathic Dilution

General Information

Homeopathic dilution is prepared by serially diluting following intense shaking of a substance by a factor of 100 at each stage. Substance is made by adding plants and minerals of medicinal benefit in a suitable solvent like water and alcohol which after dilution Is added to lactose or Pillules for consumption.

In homeopathy Serial dilution and shaking is known as potentization. For 1C potency, one part is diluted In 100 parts of solvent. Further 2C is prepared by one part of 1C to 100 parts of solvent. So for 2C, Original molecule to solvent ratio will be (1/100) * (1/100) = 1/10000. In homeopathy solution that is more diluted, is described as Higher potency and considered stronger and powerful.

In internal use dilution can be taken with lactose pills or can be dropped directly on tongue.

Warnigs:- Buy Homeopathic dilution only after consulting your homeopath.