Homeopathic Manufacture In India

Indian homeopathic industries are  growing at the rate of 25 to 30 percent and expected to touch 46 billion as the number of homeopathic users is growing at fast rate as per apex chamber ASSOCHAM  even though it has has faced strong opposition from the conventional medical practioseber. As per a recent survey by the British Medical Journal, Homeopathic industries has drawn good attention among common people and conventional practitioner who like to refer a patient to their homeopathic counterpart.

India is hub of Homeopathy with the highest number of practiosner and medical college as well as manufacturer. However, it was always a concern of quality product produced by the manufacturer because of the undetectable quantity of medicine in the final product. So standardization is very important for selecting raw material to finished product. Below are a list of reputed homeopathy manufacturer in India

1. Bahola
2. SBL
3. Lords
4. Allen Laboratories
5. Hapco
6. Reckeweg
8. St. George's Homoeopathy