Homeopathic Mother Tincture

General Information

The mother tincture is homeopathy medicines which is prepared by mixing original extract of the drug in certain proportions of alcohol and water. In general, Homeopathic mother tincture is made by mixing one part of herb to one or two parts of the alcohol + water ratio, which is further diluted to ratio 1:10 i.e. one part of mother tincture to 9 parts of the alcohol + water ratio. This mixture is termed as 2X. This 2X is further diluted to one part of 2X to 9 parts of the alcohol, water ratio is termed as 3X. The alcohol, water ratio is often taken as 90 percent alcohol to 10 percent water, which can vary depending on the substance used.

A mother tincture contains the lowest possible potency of any particular homeopathic preparation. Mother tinctures are easily accepted by the body and have quick action and remain active for a long time.

In internal use mother tincture can be diluted with water or herbal tea or can be dropped directly on tongue. In external use it can be directly applied on the skin.

Warnigs:- Buy homeopathic mother tincture online after consulting your homeopath.