Homeopathic medicine for Insomnia

What is Insomnia?

Problem in getting sleep or staying asleep is insomnia. The Insomnia or inability to sleep is caused due to acute or chronic psychological stress like depression or it can be due to symptom of liver, heart and Kidney which indicate something is wrong and that require urgent medical intervention.

Many stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, over the counter cough & cold medicine, decongestants and asthma medicine, HIV ART medicines create insomnia. These stimulants like alcohol can help you to fall asleep, but at a cost of disrupt sleep cycle and can create Insomnia in the long run. Some other factor which creates insomnia is continuously thinking of problems in life, the job profile of shift change, stress full job, lack of confidence of finishing assigned work in office, love affair etc.

How to manage Insomnia?

Do not fight with Insomnia as it will make the situation worse. So if not getting sleep, then read books, listen music and do your other regular work of your interest. However, avoid watching TV and doing brain work.

Make proper sleep routine. Set time and accordingly lock the door, wear light cloth, wash your leg, brush your teeth etc. Taking hot bath and warm milk before going on bed is helpful.

Jogging and workout has stimulating effect and such activity before sleep is strongly desired to get rid of insomnia.

Take light meal before sleep. Also check if bed or pillow is making you uncomfortable. Hard cotton mattresses and pillow is best to avoid back pain and posture.

If nothing is working out, then set to your bed time ahead of normal bed time and force yourself not to sleep until then. Now move your bed time 15-20 minute earlier than the bedtime you had set initially till finally you reach to your normal bedtime. It will surely help you to get out of Insomnia.

Some Other general suggestion

Keep control of your financial expenses under control and it should be under budget of your income.

Take a loan from government financial institutions as they harass less to its customer in case of default due to financial burden. Private financial institution will start knocking your door in case of single bounce of loan creating mental stress and Insomnia.

At work, be relaxed and do not hesitate to take help from colleagues in case of work where you have trapped in and unable to complete it on time. To enjoy your job, you need to be challenged just the right amount, i.e. not too much and not too little. Speak to your employer to create better job for you by altering your responsibilities as per your experience and knowledge.

If you are preparing for competitive examination, then do your best, but if unable to cope with it, then speak with your parents if burdened by their expectations or have fear of failure. Life is beautiful and important than career and competitive examination. Do not think that this is the end of life. End of life is when you stop growing no matter where you are. So be calm and cool and try your best. Albert Einstein failed many times and was refused admittance to the Zurich Polytechnic School before he became successful.

Homeopathic Medicines for Insomnia

There are good homeopathic medicines to try in 30 potency, but make sure to see practitioner if symptom is not improving.

Coffea: - Useful in case of over activity of mind or by sudden emotional status of good or bad news. Add Pulsatilla in case of repeated thought.

Arsenicum: - useful in case of insomnia due to anxiety and fear.

Ignatia: - Insomnia from grief. This is ideal for person who do not accept problem but internally try best to control emotions of grief and broken heart.

Nux Vomica: - Insomnia due to drugs and abuse of alcohol, due to hard mental work, frustrated ambition. Insomnia of early morning. Include Chamomilla for better result.

Note: Buy Homeopathic medicine online for Insomnia and sleep disorder only after consulting your physician.