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Manufacturer: Herbalhills
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Imunohills is Immunity booster which help to fight various bacterial and viral infection. Imunohills soft capsule is a classical combination of herbs which are traditionally used to build the immunity.

- Amla is known as a powerhouse of Vitamin C which is known to improve immunity. It is known as one of the best rejuvenator. 
- Guduchi (Gulvel) also known as Potent Rasayana in traditional science, which helps in improving body’s resistance power, helps increase the effectiveness of white blood cells and builds up the body s immune system. Guduchi also called as Amrita (nectar associated with immortality), which signifies its importance in traditional science.
- Gokshura is considered as a wonder herb which works as detoxifier and rejuvenator. It cleanses impurities through the urinary tract and also helps in strengthening the immunity system.

Useful and recommended in:-

- Helps support a healthy Immune system
- Supports in rejuvenating the damaged body tissue
- Helps in infusing strength in the body tissue thereby improving vitality.
- Powerful antioxidant protection





Imunohills - value pack 900  capsule - 8906008260397
Imunohills 30 capsule - 8906008264098

Safety Warnings:

Buy imunohills online after consulting your physician

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