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Manufacturer: Herbalhills
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Jambuhills Capsules - Healthy Blood Sugar
Jambubeej is considered to have a natural property to reduce sugar level in blood & urine. It has a cohesive action.

- Each capsule contains 175 mg Jambu seed Powder and 250 mg of extract (as dry extract) from Jambu seeds (Eugenia jambolana) (8:1) (equivalent to 2000 mg of Jambu seeds). When assayed these tablets contain Bitter NLT 2%, Saponin 6%.
- In Ayurvedic literature Jamun seeds have been mentioned to be useful in Prameha - Diabetes Mellitus.  This has been backed by modern scientific literatures & publications. Jamun has been found useful in improving the functions of the pancreas.  Astringent property of Jamun helps to bring about Healthy Blood sugar control and also control excessive urination in Diabetes.

Useful and recommended in:-

- Helpful in Diabetes Management by its Blood Sugar controlling effects.
- Helps in proper functions of the Liver
- Safe for Long term use along with modern remedies of Diabetes




Jambuhills  - value pack 700 caps - 8906008260694
Jambuhills 60 cap - 8906008260083

Safety Warnings:

Buy Jambuhills online after consulting your physician