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Features And Benefits
Lean Body® for Her Krill Oil Up Close:
100% natural
Pure and potent
Sustainably harvested
Just two easy capsules per day
Contains a healthy dose of Vitamins D and E. What is Krill Oil and why choose krill over fish oil?
Krill are small semi-translucent crustaceans that live in the depths of the ocean. They congregate in dense masses and are a source of food for marine life such as whales, seals, and fish. Krill are an easily renewable food source, perfect for sustaining marine life and harvesting for human consumption. With Jamie Eason’s Lean Body for Her Krill Oil, you get a superior product that is pollutant free, derived from a renewable resource, resistant to oxidation, offers protection from damaging free radicals, has better absorption than fish oil and won’t leave a fishy aftertaste.
A powerful one-two-three punch
So why are people so interested in krill oil? Krill’s nutrient-rich oil is comprised of three main components, which have been shown to support healthy body functions:
Phospholipids of Omega-3 (delivers EPA & DHA directly to cells)
Triglycerides of Omega-3 (converts ALA to EPA & DHA)
Astaxanthin (a highly potent antioxidant)
The krill oil used in Lean Body® for Her Krill Oil is KREAL® made from Real Antarctic krill, a species of krill found in the Antarctic waters of the Southern Ocean. It’s a pure, potent formula that:
Provides natural support for a healthy cardiovascular system
May help fight signs of aging
Bolster immunity
Support healthy brain function and nervous system
Provide joint support
Provides natural support for your body’s process of managing normal inflammation
Is free of toxins and heavy metals (unlike some fish oils)
Is purified to ensure sustainable freshness and efficacy

Directions For Use
Suggested Use: Take two Softgels per day with your first meal.