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Manufacturer: Kapiva Ayurveda
₹ 270.00



Karela jamun juice is diabetes special and controls sugar & cholesterol level in blood. In more general it is used in:-

- controls high blood sugar
- stimulates insulin production and digestive enzymes secretion
- appetizer
- relieves constipation, haemorrhoids and piles
- removes intestinal tract worms
- purifies blood and fights infections
- effective in skin diseases, reducing acne and black spots
- helps in oedema - expectorant, relieves cough, cold, asthma
- cures menstrual disorders
- high anti-bacterial properties
- external application relieves skin problems


Karela Juice 49.97%, Jamun Juice 50.00%, Permitted Class II preservatives.

Safety Warnings:-

Buy Karela jamun juice online after consulting your physicians.

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