Vendor: DF Pharmacy Ltd
Manufacturer: Healthvit
₹ 240.00

Buy Kozicare skin whitening soap online


Benefits of Kozicare skin whitening soap :-

-Provides moisturize skin
-Anti aging 
-Sunscreen protection

A Skin whitening soap wich contains  kojic acid, Arbutin, Vitamin c and Vitamin E. Kozicare soap Provides moisturize skin, Anti aging and Sunscreen protection and Helps for all types of hyper-pigmented Skin.

Direction to use:

Use twice a day for best results.

Safety Warnings

Buy Kozicare skin whitening soap online after consulting your doctor.

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Kozicare Cream is a Skin Whitening Cream Contains Kozic Acid, Arbutin , Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These Ingredients helps in Whitening of Skin by Preventing Melanin Synthesis and Helps us to Get Back Confedence.
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