Lodhra or Sympiocis Racemosa found in north eastern part of India. It has numerous health benefit and due to its astringent and bitter tastes it is used in treatment of disease related to Kapha and Pitta. It especially very effective in health problem of women. It has anti inflammatory properties. It also helps to detoxify and so extensively used in female gynaecological disorders.

Health Benefits and medicinal uses of Lodhra

-  Nourishes the skin and helps in acne, wrinkles and other skin related health issues.

-  It has anti diabetic and liver protecting properties. 

Lodhra remove Edema and reduces associated pain

-  Lodhra powder is used in treatment of Ear discharge

-  In treatment of inflammation of the uterus

-  Ittreat symptoms of Leucorrhea and menorrhagia.

Warnings:- Buy Lodhra or its product online after consting ayurvedic doctor.