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Manufacturer: Dabur
₹ 55.00


Indication: Rejuvenator corrects premature aging symptoms such as chronic fatigue, unable to maintain daily routine, lack of strength, stamina and energy.

Dose: 1 to 2 tablets (125mg to 250mg) to be taken in the morning and evening with butter or as directed by the Physician.

Diet: Milk, Butter, Cream, Fruits and other nourishing food

Packing: 8 tablets and 40 tablets.

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Makaradhwaj - 10 tab

Indication: As a rejuvenator (Rasayan) Dose: 1/8 to 1 tablets in the morning & evening with honey or milk or as directed by the physician. Diet: Light and easily digestable food. Packing: 10 tablet pack.
₹ 70.00

Siddh makaradhwaj - 10 tab

This is a Rejuvenator. It relieves Comlicated fever, Poor appetite, Loss of taste, Stomachache due to indigestion, Back ache, Chest pain, Cough, Btreathlessness, Tuberculosis, Skin diseases, Throat problems, Peritonitis, Chrnoic diarrhoea, Elephintiais, Fistulae, Piles, Sinus and Ercetile Dysfunction. It improves Digestion, Energy, Intelligence, longevity, comlexion and reproductive fluids. Stmultaes sexual desire. Arrests premature hair greying and pre mature hair fall.
₹ 108.00

Siddha makaradhwaj special - 10 tab

This is a superior medicine in Ayurveda and is recommended in all diseases with different adjuvants. This is helpful in relieving physical and mental weakness and in providing energy and activeness. This medicine improves complexion and helps to maintain vitality. With milk this act as Rasayan in elderly people.
₹ 735.00