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Mahalaxadi tail - 50 ml

Useful in Muscular weakness in children.
₹ 84.00

Vishagarbh tail - 50 ml

Relieves muscular pain.Useful in Hemi crania, Earache, Sciatica, Inflammation of the ear, paraplegia, Neuralgia, Lumbago, Gout, Parkinson's disease and Rheumatism.
₹ 64.00

Saindhavadi tail vrihat - 25 ml

Useful in Pain over back, hip joint, knee jointand chest pain, Painful urination, Kidney stones, Facial paralysis etc.
₹ 42.00

Chandan tel (oil)

₹ 425.00

Mahanarayan tail

₹ 136.00

Rogan badam oil

₹ 175.00

Prasarini tail - 50 ml

Unable to walk properly, Sciatica, Polio, Lockjaw, Head, Neck and back stiffness.
₹ 92.00

Irimedadi tail - 50 ml

Useful in Toothache, Dental caries, bleeding gums and foul breath.
₹ 84.00

Mahamash tail niramish

As massage oil in Muscular weakness, Nervous disorders, Paralysis, Neck stiffness, Facial Paralysis, body pains and as ear drops in Ear ache.
₹ 94.00

Oli oil

₹ 54.00

Guruchi tail - 50 ml

Useful in Gout, Excessive sweating, Itching, pain , facial paralysis, headache, and skin diseases
₹ 66.00

Vishnu tail vrihat - 25 ml

Recommended in stiffness in fingers, neck stiffness, Osteoarthritis, Muscular dystrophy, Tremors or tingling sensation on walking.
₹ 66.00

Rhuma oil

₹ 85.00

Chandanabala laxadi tail - 50 ml

Useful as massage in Burning sensation, Headache, Fever, Cough and skin diseases
₹ 137.00

Shadbindu tail

Useful in Sinusitis, Catarrha, Head ache, Hemi crania, Pre mature greying of hair amd Pre mature hair fall.
₹ 57.00

Shankhpushpi tail - 50 ml

To promote muscle tone, strength, and complexion in children.
₹ 77.00

Narayan tail - 50 ml

As a massage oil in Paralysis, Hemiplagia, Lock jaw, Neck stiffness, Numbness in hands and legs , Hearing disruption, Back ache and stiffness, weakness in body organs, Chronic fever, Peritonitis, Teething problems, Forgetfull nessi, Head ache, Sciatica, Rheumatism and Impotency.
₹ 57.00

Jatyadi tail - 50 ml

Useful in Fistula, Scars, Chronic itching, acute injuries, Non-healing ulcers and burn injuries.
₹ 95.00