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Description :-


Product Name : Multani Mitti
Crop Variety : Jungle Herb
Geo Tag (Place of Origin): Nilgris, TN

Also known as fuller's earth, Multani mitti has been used to get rid of skin issues and achieve radiant, blemish-free skin since ages in India. It is one of those age-old tips that has been handed over generations. Multani mitti is a great agent to clean, exfoliate and nourish your skin. It has active elements that effectively absorb oil, dirt, sweat and impurities, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple. One of the best things about the ingredient is that you can use it with a host of other ingredients to suit your skin type and achieve desirable results.


Benefits :-


  • Fights acne and pimples, Removes excess sebum and oil, Deep cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat and impurities

  • Evens out skin tone and brightens complexion, Treats tanning and pigmentation

  • Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes and infections (multani mitti is an effective cooling agent)

  • Has antiseptic properties, Can be used in cold compresses to treat skin inflammation and insect bites

  • Facilitates blood circulation, leading to radiant, glowing skin




 Gtin : 67


Safety Warnings  & Notes:-


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