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Features And Benefits
Muscle Infusion Black the daring formula is a unique blend of seven multi-functional protein fractions. This powerful protein blend is fast-acting yet long-lasting. It triggers a quick action followed by sustained muscle-building activities. Upon ingestion, its multi-layered protein fractions go to work. They continue to do so for several hours, feeding your muscles with muscle-building and readily available amino acids. To further enhance the muscle-building properties of Muscle Infusion Black, this wicked formula is loaded with large amounts of BCAAs and glutamine. Special enzymes have been added to assist your body in absorbing the massive amounts of protein required to get big. Each serving of Muscle Infusion Black is packed with a comprehensive spectrum of critical vitamins and minerals. Muscle Infusion Black comes with very low carbs and fats. They have no business in a powerful UNDERGROUND protein formula such as Muscle Infusion Black. Leave it to ordinary protein supplements to be contaminated with useless and waist-expanding fillers. Features: Multi-layered 7-phase protein blend for fast-acting yet sustained effects. Very low in carbs and fats. Ideal for lean muscle growth. Contains special protein and lactose digestion enzymes to assist in absorbing the massive amounts of protein required to get big. Fortified critical vitamins and minerals. Does not contain added fillers such as maltodextrin, fructose, oils or other useless and waist-expanding fillers. Mixes quickly with a spoon and easy to digest. INGREDIENTS: Multi-Layered Underground 7 Protein Fractions Containing Lean Muscle-Building BlendTM (Ultra-Filtered Instantized Whey Protein Concentrate, Micro-Filtered Instantized Whey Protein Isolate, Instantized & Hydrolized Whey Protein, Instantized Egg Albumin, Instantized Micellar Alpha & Beta Caseins and Caseinates, Instantized Milk Protein Isolate, Instantized Calcium Caseinate)
Directions For Use
To be used as directed by physician.
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