This category is not live yet as we as a responsible eCommerce company can not jump into business without any valid reason. Though some companies are selling prescription medicine online after validating scan copy of prescription but there often doubts the accuracy of such process. As per The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 Shedule H and Shedule X medicine cannot be sold without prescription. E-commerce in India is growing sector, but selling prescription medicines online shouldn't be abused at any cost.

As government has announced of formulation some law, it is better to wait for some more time for good reason rather jumping in to kind of buiness just to make money. However, we have started registering pharmacy store on our portal, but their product will be live only after some time. Vendor can write to to get further detail.

Why it is important for brick and mortar shop with valid licenses to change their business policy and register at the market place to sell prescription medicine online. All India Organization of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD) can oppose e-pharmacy, but the fact is that the future lies on the internet. Many online pharmacies have already started selling prescription drugs online without proper approval from the government. However, there is no dedicated online pharmacy laws in India and anyone with valid retail licenses can sell through the market place in areas where their license is valid.So if you are running a pharmacy and if you are not willing to change your business model, then most probably your business is will see a downturn. So what to do?

1. Register on buyonkart as vendor.
2. Provide your shop and pharmacy license detail.
3. Provide ID and  Address proof.

How to sell prescription medicine online?

Once you are registred and verified, you can use our plateform to sell prescription medicine online. Vendor will receive scan copy of prescription along with order confirmation mail. This prescription need to be validated. Once it is validated, pack the item as per guidelines and our courier partner will receive order from your location.

The additional benefit is that You can use our Franchise Model and use our Brand Name at no cost. So your Unbranded shop will become Branded by following our flexible guidelines.