Public Grievance Redressal mechanism in India


Grievance Redressal is a mechanism set by central Indian goverment to look after concern of common man. It primarily cover receiving and processing complaint  of citizens and consumers. Previously this mechanism was working through letter exchange which was cumbersome and was not very effective. However, new online system of registering complain has made process smooth and tranbsperent. Although, this mechanism is designed to look after complaint of goverment department, it also accept the responsibility of Consumer protection from private organizations through legislation as well as setting up Consumer Courts and Organizations for Dispute Resolution.

Grievance Redressal typically covers the following types of complaints:

    Service Unavailability
    Non-Delivery against Commitment
    Excessive Delays
    Injustice concerns (such as over race, caste, sex)
    Staff Misbehaviour


Public grievances are received at various points in the Government of India  and handled by below agengy:-

1. Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

2. Directorate of Public Grievances, Cabinet Secretariat.

Complaint can be register complaint by visiting site

After registering grievances, this is forwarded  to the nodal officer of concerned Ministries and Departments of center or state. In almost all case you consumer will find acceptable resolution, but some case is disposed without proper information as some time department try to protect some officers. On the basis of grievances received, department identify the problem area and take appropriate remedial measure.

Conclusion:- Online Public grievances mechanism empower common man and it solves their problems which they generally face in goverment administrative department. Online Public grievance i.e. PGPORTAL is helpful really works.

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