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Ras raj ras gold

Useful in Paralysis, Hemiplagia and Lockjaw. Also recommended in Rheumatism, vertigo, insomnia, andrestlessness. Continuous administration of this medicine tones up the system and provides strength and vigour to the body.
₹ 408.00

Nashtpushpantak ras - 40 tab

Useful in Stimulates uro-genital system , Indicated in rheumatism, Uterine diseases, Dysurea,Scanty secretion of semen and pains in the genitalia, Irregular menstrual cycles, pain in the back and waist.
₹ 92.00

Mrigank ras gold - 10 tab

Useful in Tuberculosis and associated symptoms like Fever, Loss of weight, Indigestion, Hoarse voice, Cough, Anaemia, Weakness, Restlessness and Haemoptysis.
₹ 1,180.00

Grahani kapat ras - 20 tab

Useful in Diarrhoea, Dysentery, flatulence, colic.
₹ 52.00

Vr vat gajankush ras - 10 tab

Useful in all kind of Vat Rogas, Varicosity etc.
₹ 335.00

Balrogantak ras - 160 tab

Useful in Fever, Cold and Cough in Children.
₹ 74.00

Kumar kalyan ras gold

Useful in jaundice, Polio, Nervous debility and weakness associted with Polio. As a restorative tonic to children in chronic repiratory diseases such as whooping cough, Pneumonia. It helps in the development of bones in children.
₹ 600.00

Tarkeshwar ras - 40 tab

Useful in painful and burning urination, beneficial in complication arising from painful urination like physical weakness, fatigue and seminal disorders. It is also known for its energetic and tonic properties, due to the presence of Gokshur, Abhrak bhasma, Lauh bhasma and Vanga bhasma.
₹ 102.00

Sutsekhar ras gold

Useful in Peptic Ulcer and Chronic Gastritis.
₹ 310.00

Shwaskuthar ras

Useful in Cough, Breathlessness, Restlessness, Sleeplessness and Pneumonia.
₹ 40.00

Yogendra ras gold

Dabur Yogendra Ras (with Gold and Pearl) treats Polio, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia, quadriplegia, Muscular weakness and Urine inconsistence associated with paralysis.
₹ 482.00

Arsh kuthar ras

helpful in Bleeding and Non-Bleeding piles.
₹ 66.00

Jaimangal ras with gold

Acute and Chronic febrile conditions not responding to other therapies.
₹ 505.00

Shringarabhra ras - 20 tab

Useful in Cough, with or without fever, asthma, vomiting, colic, hyperacidity, Excessive thirst, Jaundice, Haemataemesis, Coryza, and enlargement of Spleen etc. It is particularly useful in haemoptysis and hoarseness associated with slight rise of temparature. Also recommended in Tuberculosis. Helps to overcome emaciation and promote ojas.
₹ 44.00

Ichhabhedi ras jaipal yukt

As a bowel regulator in chronic constipation. To induce therapeutic Purgation.
₹ 44.00

Trilokyachintamani ras gold

Dabur Trailokya Chintamani Ras (with Gold and Pearl) Dabur Trailokya Chintamani Ras treats chronic and recurrent respiratory tract infections such as influenza, pneumonia, cachexia, enaciacion associated with fever. Ayurvedic Medicine: Rasendra Sar Sangrah / Jwar Chikitsa.
₹ 245.00

Chintamani ras gold - 10 tab

Improves heart function and acts as a prophylactic in Angina Pectoris and Myocardial infarction. Continous administration of this medicine reduces Cholestrol level.
₹ 400.00

Hridayarnava ras - 40 tab

Strengthens heart muscles also recommended to relieve palpitation. Chest pain, Restlessness, Tiredness, Sleeplessness and Mental Strain.
₹ 88.00

Pradarantak ras - 5 gm

Useful in Menstrual disorders like menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, and associated symptoms like anaemia, backache and weakness. Also recommended in leucorrhoea and sexual debility.
₹ 72.00

Brahma rasayan nagakeshar - 250 tab

Useful in Nervous weakness, Loss of memory, Insomnia, Mental exhaustion, High blood-pressure, Headache, Lung diseases and Deficiency conditions.
₹ 128.00

Amlaki rasayan

₹ 100.00

Vr vat gajankush ras - 40 tabs

Useful in Nervous disorders, like paralysis, hemiplagia, facial paralysis, Joint pains, Sciatica, Muscular pains, Tendinitis and Stiff neck.
₹ 40.00

Shwaschintamani ras gold

Chronic Allergic Respiratory diseases like allergic Bronchitis, rhinitis, asthma. Improve immunity against allergic conditions and strengthens lung tissue.
₹ 290.00

Purnachandra ras - 20 tab

Rejuvenator. Improves strength, stamina and energy.
₹ 73.00

Garbhapal ras - 40 tab

Habitual Abortion, Miscarriage, Usage of garbhpal Ras ensures better nourishment to foetus.
₹ 46.00

Gandhak rasayan - 5 gm

Useful in Skin diseases like Ringworm, Scabies, Itching and other fungal infections.
₹ 40.00

Ichhabhedi ras - 1000 tab

As a bowel regulator in chronic constipation. To induce therapeutic Purgation.
₹ 774.00

Amvatari ras

Amvat and also useful in Arthritis. Useful in pain and swelling over the joints. The formulation contains ingredients with Ampachak and virechak properties by virtue of which it metabolizes "Ama" the causative factor of Arthritis and enhances therapeutic response.
₹ 96.00

Kamdudha ras - 40 tab

Useful in Bleeding from nose, urine, rectum, associated with burning sensation in the palms and soles, chest & eyes.
₹ 44.00

Ekangvir ras - 40 tab

Useful in Paralysis, Bell's palsy, Hemiplagia, Brachial Palsy and Sciatica.
₹ 77.00

Kuf kuthar ras - t.b.y - 40 tab

Processed in Kantakari, Katuka kwath and Dhatura swaras. cough associated with Phlegm, fever, breathlessness and chest congestion.
₹ 46.00

Mrityunjai ras - 40 tab

Processedin Jambiri Nembu swaras. All types of fevers, Pneumonia, enteric fever, common cold and rheumatic fever.
₹ 36.00

Krimimudgar ras - 40 tab

Vermifuge. Improves digestion, helps to relieve abdominal pain, recurrent respiratory afflictions associated with worm (Round worm and thread worm) infestations.
₹ 57.00

Vatkulantak ras - 8 tab

Useful in Hysteria, epilepsy, Tremors, Sleeplessness. Also recommended in tingling sensation in the legs, Insomnia, Hiccough, Asthma, Typhoid and Pneumonia.
₹ 160.00

Shirahshuladri vajra ras - 20 tab

Useful in Chronic headache, Hemicrania and Migraine, feeling of heaviness in the head, coryza, feeling hammering pain in head, heaviness of eyes due to cold, giddiness and insomnia.
₹ 40.00

Nagarjunabhra ras - 5 gm

Precessed in Arjun twak kwath. Improves heart function and circulatory performance.
₹ 53.00

Nityanand ras t.b.y - 60 tab

Useful in Elephantiasis or Filariasis associated with mild fever, severe pain and itching over afflicted part.
₹ 92.00

Siddha makaradhwaj special - 10 tab

This is a superior medicine in Ayurveda and is recommended in all diseases with different adjuvants. This is helpful in relieving physical and mental weakness and in providing energy and activeness. This medicine improves complexion and helps to maintain vitality. With milk this act as Rasayan in elderly people.
₹ 735.00

Vasant malti ras gold

Restores energy after chronic fever like malaria and typhoid. Research studies indicate that Vasant Malti Ras due to the presence of Kharpara bhasma is also useful in Oligospermia, Spermatorrhoea and Diabetic infertility. (Ref. Indian Materia Medical. Vol.II)
₹ 332.00

Dantodbhed gadantak ras - 40 tab

Problems associated with teething such as diarrhoea, vomiting, irritation and fever. Local use on gums with honey to relieve pain and swelling in gums.
₹ 35.00

Makaradhwaj - 10 tab

Indication: As a rejuvenator (Rasayan) Dose: 1/8 to 1 tablets in the morning & evening with honey or milk or as directed by the physician. Diet: Light and easily digestable food. Packing: 10 tablet pack.
₹ 70.00

Ras pipari - 10 tab

Useful in Teething problems such as diarrhoea, dysentery, cold and cough.
₹ 62.00

Chandramrit ras - 20 tab

Useful in Chronic cough and other respiratory ailments such as Rajayakshma.
₹ 35.00

Kufketu ras - 40 tab

Precessed in Ardrak swaras. Fever associated with Cold, Cough and Headache.
₹ 35.00

Garbha chintamani ras brihat - 10 tab

Provides nutrition to mother and foetus. Useful in morning sickness, vomiting and weakness etc. Recommended in Habitual and threatned abortion.
₹ 370.00

Ras sindur samgunjarit - 2.5 gm

This is a Rejuvenator. It relieves Comlicated fever, Poor appetite,Loss of taste, Stomachache due to indigestion, Back ache, Chest pain, Cough, Btreathlessness, Tuberculosis, Skin diseases, Throat problems, Peritonitis, Chrnoic diarrhoea, Elephintiais, Fistulae, Piles, Sinus, Ercetile Dysfunction.It improves Digestion, Energy,Intelligence,longevity, comlexion and reproductive fluids.Stmultaes sexual desire.Arrests premature hair greying and pre mature hair fall. Dose: 1/8 to 1 tablet in the morning and evening or as directed by the Physician.
₹ 66.00

Kamdudha ras moti yukt - 20 tab

Useful in Bleeding from nose, urine, rectum, associated with burning sensation the in palms and soles, chest & eyes.
₹ 152.00

Gandhak rasayan - 40 tab

Useful in Skin diseases like Ringworm, Scabies, Itching and other fungal infections.
₹ 75.00

Vrihat vatchintamani ras gold

Improves sensory and motor performance in chronic neurological conditions like hysteria, insomnia and Paralysis. Recommended in Rheumatic pains and infertility.
₹ 442.00

Mahalaxmivilas ras gold

Recurrent Upper Respiratory tract infections like sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, cough. Improves respiratory performance and strengthens lung tissue.
₹ 276.00

Ras sindur shadgunjarit - 2.5 gm

Indicated in blood disorders, Fever and excellent heart tonic.
₹ 88.00

Smritisagar ras - 40 tab

Recommended in the treatment of epilepsy and Insanity. Helps to promote memory and to relieve insomnia and anxiety.
₹ 62.00

Chaturmukh ras gold

Useful in Neurological & behavioral disturbances such as Insomnia, Nervous debility, lack of concentration, Sluggish memory & Senile dementia also recommended in loss of weight.
₹ 230.00

Pushpdhanwa ras

This rejuvenating tonic improves strength, stamina and energy and is a good stimulant. This is also beneficial in poor erection resulting from nerve weakness and testicular dystrophy. Recommended in seminal weakness and infertility in females resulting from poor development of Ovaries.
₹ 225.00

Anand bhairav ras jwar

Useful in Fever, Dyspepsia, Indigerstion, fever with pain in the body, Cold, Influenza, headache and bodyache associated with diarrohea.
₹ 85.00

Chatushashthi prahari pippali - 5 gm

Useful in Chrnoic fever, cough, restlessness, Loss of appetite and general weakness.
₹ 38.00

Tribhuwankirti ras - 40 tabs

Dabur Tribhuwankirti Ras Tribhuwankirti Ras for Fever, Cold, Cough, Bodyache and Tonsillitis. Indication of Dabur Tribhuwankirti Ras : Acute and relapsing fevers associated with cold, cough, bodyache and tonsillitis. Its usage is also recommended in Measles.
₹ 44.00

Vrihat vangeshwar ras - gold

Useful in Diabetes, Polyuria, Dysuria, Urinary retention, Urine incontinence and other symptoms observed in Benign Prostrate Enlargement.
₹ 320.00