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Manufacturer: SBL
₹ 125.00

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Height of a person is very much based on the factors of hereditary, hormonal balance, nutritionar and general health. Rite-Hite tablets are useful to promote growth of children. Rite-hite homeopathic remedy works well with the children who are not mentally and physically strong. It is useful for children who are anaemic, does not grow either mentally or physically and slow in thinking and reasoning.

Rite-Hite tablets is a product of sbl, not only promotes growth but also boosts the memory.


Baryta carbonica


Thuja occidentalis

Calcarea phosphorica


Per day 1 tablet for children below 13 years

 Per day 2 tablets for children above 13 years.

Safety Warnings

Buy RITE HITE homeopathic remedy for growth promoter online only after consulting your homeopath doctor.