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Seller Registration to Sell Products

Online shopping is a new and fast moving trend in India because of easy internet access, gaining comfort in using the online payment mechanism and with COD option. In the traditional method of shopping buyer was moving shop to shop to compare price and specification. Online shopping has helped user to compare large category of product in term of price and specifications in just a minute making life easier and less time consuming.

However, the Indian eCommerce Company is going through a difficult phase and burning millions of dollars through deep discount to win the battle for market share. Average spending for discount by big eCommerce company is $15 million to 25 million. One largest eCommerce Company in India is burning an average of $50million/month. So Is Indian eCommerce business is sustainable? At present no, but future is bright once company will become mature through continuous learning and rectifying mistakes in business model. India is second highly populous country in word and number on online buyer is increasing in with a geometric rate due to the easy access of internet and payment mechanism.

After platform provider, are sellers on various portals making enough money through online sales or are they utilizing this online tool in proper efficient way? After doing experiment many vendors realized that they lost more than they gained. If consumer return products then the vendor has to pay logistic both the way along with commission and tax. Volume of sales of individual seller is also not enough to sustain interest as few eCommerce companies at backend maintaining own friendly retail chain. Through direct company tie-ups and adding deep discount they are keeping that entity profitable.

Indian consumers have been reaping a windfall, but the company who is selling product at deep discounts through exclusive tie-ups is doing great mistake and will lose retailer and distributor network in the long run. This is not correct business model because time will come when these discounts will go off and only company with good retailer and distributed network will survive. Online eCommerce business should go along with physical store where masses prefer to shop. Commerce is one way of shopping and not the complete way? So for manufacturing companies, eCommerce should not be viewed only from a sales perspective and visibility of your brand to end user is also very important.

Benefit to Sell on Buyonkart

To make business profitable in future, it is desirable to take right decision at early stages and no choice can be better than Buyonkart as this is the only entity to stay long in the industry due to a sustainable business model. We run only those discounts which are thrown by retailer, distributor or manufacture to keep balance of physical as well as an online store. We do not try to destroy hierarchy of distribution from manufacture to end user. 

You can also request us to place "Buy Online" button on your website to route your user on our portal as maintaining own CMS is not as easy as explained by many web developers. Managing own CMS is very difficult because it includes server management, payment gateway integration, continuous software developer for further customization and most importantly advertisement cost associated with it. The buyer prefers to go to market place than finding individual site to buy products.

For registration, download vendor application form and send scan copy to us along with relevant documents.

How we are different from other?

No Retail chain:-We do not maintain our own retail chain.
Transparency:-We do not ask additional fee for top listing. We have fair and transperent fee structure.
Socio-economics:- Our business model is socio-economics friendly.
Organisational:-This is employee and vendor share ownership based organization.and being a seller you will be entitled to get profit share.

What we are offering?

Vendor Panel:- Vendor account with Easy interface where you can manage product from yourself.
Local selling:- You can sell in you own Area. Just Enter Delivery location Like Delhi, Mumbai and you are done.
Pin Code Validation:-Pin code search for Delivery location. So very little chance for wrong order which you can not deliver.
Support & Help:- We are always ready to help you till you are not comfortable.
Easy Commision:- Provide TP(Tranfer price) and MRP. Make sure TP is competitive to bring decent amount of sale.
Management:- Free accounting software to manage your business.This will be available from June 2016

What are features?

EMI:-Every transcation above 2500 can be converted in to 18 EMI.
Payment Gateway:-We have two trusted payment gateway i.e. Emvantage & PayU.
Server:- Website use latest .NET technology and use latest server.
Safety:- Souce code are completely safe and secure.
Version Control:-We use tortoise SVN and Bugzilla for version control.
Development:- We have strong and dedicated software development team.
Free Listing and easy shipment:- Listing is free and charges are applicable only when the product is being sold.
(After receiving an order, pack the items nicely, send a pickup request and handover to courier partner.)

Accounting Software- Good news that BOKAS (Buyonkart accounting software) development is in process which will available free of cost. It will help vendors and company to manage the business as well as to synchronize stuck on the BuyOnKart server if product gets sold from a local shop. It will help to reduce chance to receive orders of out of stock product. It will help in below way.

What can be achieved using BOKAS?

  • Easy interface with mouse hover help.
  • Simple accounting terminology for better and clear understanding.
  • Just install Zero configuration and no third party help required.
  • Various ready to use inbuilt payment module.
  • Adding inventory through Bar Code scanner
  • Maintaining employee register and their salary
  • Generating payment invoice and making entry of receiving
  • Adding tax module from self.
  • Inbuilt web browser to access net banking side by side to help adding detail in to software.
  • Inbuilt web API which will can communicate with ecommerce portal for stock update
  • Downloading balance sheet in single click for financial year.
  • .Net interface to make software to communicate with other software.
  •  Option to select language to make it global software.
  • Point of sale (POS) with card swipe machines