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Vendor: DF Pharmacy Ltd
Manufacturer: Healthvit
₹ 195.00

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Benefits of Seplin cream :-

-Glowing Skin
-Healthy Complexation
-Dry itcy Skin
-Cracked Lips
-Cuts and Wounds
-General Skin Infections.

A Multipurpose Skin Care Cream for Glowing Skin and healthy Complexation.It is Suitable for all type of Skin. It is Useful in Multiple Skin Conditions like Dry itcy Skin, Eczema , Dermatitis, Cracked Lips, Cuts and Wounds, and General Skin Infections.

Direction to use:

Twice a day for best results

Safety Warnings

Buy Seplin cream online after consulting your doctor.

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Seplin Soap is Specially Recommended By Dermatologist and Contains Aloe vera, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin E and Other important Ingredients for Skin care. Seplin is a Multipurpose Skin Care soap Useful for Acne, Dry & itchy skin, Eczema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis.
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