Erectile dysfunction or impotence is common symtoms associated with men worldwide. In simple term ED refer to problem of getting or maintaining an erection. Impotence is very common after age of 50, but there are many other reason which are oulined here.

  • Stressed life style and work pressure
  • Excessive use of Tobacco and Alcohol.
  • Testicles damage due to Injury and accident.
  • liver and Kidney failure.
  • Nerve and brain disorderes like Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
  • Diabetes and certal prescription drugs

It is always good to consult doctor but equally Erectile dysfunction can be managed by

  • Taking long sleep and avoid taking stress
  • Morning walk and jogging.
  • Reducing fat throgh walking and jogging
  • Maintaining proper gap between intercourse

Erectile dysfunction makes patient feel fatigue and tired. Some common symtoms include:-

  • Headaches and body Aches
  • Gastrointestinal Ailments
  • Dizziness and feeling tired
  • Blur vision and weakness
  • Nerve related problem
  • Makes bone and muscles week
  • Increase body fat

Allopathic system to treat such problem Include

  • Counselling and regular exercise
  • Giving pills like tadalafil and sildenafil
  • (HRT)Harmon replacement therapy
  • Surgery and using vacuum device to control the flow of blood.


In allopathic system there is no permanent cure for erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence. Medicines like tadalafil and sildenafi which increase nitric oxide which stimulate blood flow during sexual arousal, but come at cost of many side effect like headaches and muscle aches.  In such cases homeopathy really work well in treating erectile dysfunction. Some common homeopathic medicines used in treatment are

  • Agnus Castus
  • Selenium
  • Avena Sativa
  • Caladium
  • Acid Phos

All listed medicines including patented products are available to buy online.

Safety warnings for buying homeopathic medicines

Buy Homeopathic medicines for erectile dysfunction and Sexual Wellness online only after consulting your homeopath doctor. Homeopathic medicine is natural way of treating disease and are safe, well-tolerated, easy to take. It stimulate the body’s own healing response to disease using highly diluted preparations. The most important thing when attempting to diagnose and treat illnesses at home from self is to know when to stop and see a doctor. If symptoms persist, you must consult your doctor as minor symptoms can often be a sign of something more serious. Central Council of Homeopathy in India supply a list of qualified medical doctors who are registered as qualified homeopaths with degree in Homeopathy.

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Tone up (the rejuvenator)

Tone Up is a rejuvinative tonic especially for men who suffer from indications such as Sexual neurasthenia, nervous depression, debility from exhausting dischareges and loss of vital fluids.
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Bahola Extacy

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Dr. reckeweg r41

Sexual asthenia, spermatorrhoea, general debility especially in men. After-effects of debilitating illnesses, overwork on physical or other planes, overexcitement, nervous exhaustion. Against various kind of ailments in old-age.
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L 161 sexual neurasthenia drops

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Tone up 5000 drops

Tone Up 5000 is a Powerful Nervine tonic & stiumlant for men in combatting impotency.
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Damiagra drops

Loss of erectile power, premature ejaculation, lack of libido, depression, loss of self confidence.
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