What is Shilajit?

Shilajit or Shilajeet or black Asphaltum is a natural product found in the Mountains of Himalaya, Tibet, Gilgit Baltistan and Altai. Power Shilajit in fact discovered by villager in Himalayas by observing migration white Monkey to mountain in summer. Monkey was seen chewing semi-soft substance of rock extract. When villages started consuming that substance they found it great improvement in their health and sexual functionality. The color of Shilajit varies from white to brown. Since traditions it has been used in Ayurveda to provide energy to the body cells. The main chemical constituents of Shilajit are Fulvic and Humic acids, which are considered as one of important substances to help the cells to generate energy. Fulvic acid is considered to be rich in Anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. It is safe and natural remedy with numerous health benefits which help support physical and mental health.

Shilajit is said to be a gift of God, It is pure and safe product that comes from nature. It came into existence from the great Saints of Himalaya Mountains and considered as a natural substance which helps to heal various health problems.  It does wonders to improve the longevity of an individual. Apart from Fulvic Acids it contains more than 80 minerals like copper, zinc, manganese, iron, magnesium cobalt and nickel.

Shilajit to In Sexual Weakness

In Ayurvedic medicines Shilajit has a great value. Shilajit gold is a combination of various powerful herbs like Ashwagandha, Safed Mushal and Kaunch Beej along with Shilajit and gold.  Shilajit gold is very powerful remedy for men to improve their sexual health. It helps to increase their sexual desire and also reduces the psychological disorders like stress, anxiety and depression. It is loaded with powerful minerals, which seeps from the mountains of Himalaya.

Shilajit to Improve Testosterone Level

There are many reasons for Testosterone level to go down and more general are due to age, excessive sexual activity and due to certain disease like HIV. When a body becomes inflamed and fatty then it can be warning sign. Low level of Testosterone in men can result mood swings, hair loss, depression, loss of sexual interest, irritability and brittle bones. Shilajit helps in restoring libido reduce fat control and control mood swings.  Taking 500-600 mg a day can increase both free and total Testosterone Level Up to 20% and so one assumes how helpful it is for people suffering from kind of deficiency. It also increase sperm count to 50 to 60 percent. Shilajit works by on said symptoms by reducing the number of free radicals and which in turn boost testosterone levels and sperm count.

Shilajit for HIV

Shilajit is found very effective in HIV patient as well.  Clinical Evaluation of Shilajatu Rasayana indicated that when used with ART, it decrease the recurrent resistance of HIV virus. The HAART medicines have some major side effect which include hepatic and kidney decomposition and failure which was successfully overcome by giving Shilajatu Rasayana along with Amalaki and Guduchi. Research concluded that Shilajit boost the immunity by increasing CD4 T helper cell counts and prevents the resistance of HIV virus to ART drugs. Detail research can be found in NCBI website.

Main ingredients of Shilajit

Shilajit contain more that 80 minerals and some important are
-    Fulvi Acids
-    Humic Acid
-    Pyrones
-    Terpenoids

Health Benefits and medical uses of Shilajit

- Acts as an  effective energy booster
- It enhance memory or other cognitive functions
- Shilajit, works well if taken with milk
- It has anti-aging properties which helps to increase life expectancy
- Helps to boost physical strength and human health
- Helps to improve the sperm count in men
- Gives strength to the bones
- Boost immunity naturally
- Effective in detoxification
- Helps to rejuvenate the cells
- Good for thin and weak hair
- Increase testosterone level
- Gives better erectile capacity
- Anti-inflammatory
- Anti-ulcer
- Anti-anxiety
- Anti-stress

Warning:- Buy Shilajeet Online after consulting your physician.