Sleep disorder is the most common problem faced by most of the people today. It may be due to acute or chronic psychological stress. Apart from psychological factors there may be other reason for sleeplessness like noisy room, physical problems, uncomfortable bed, etc.  Tagara is a great natural remedy to overcome sleeplessness.  Sleep disorder can be a symptom of various ailments like kidney, liver, lung and thyroid.

Tagara is a well known herb which belongs to Valerianaceae family. In India, it is mostly grown in Northwest Himalayas and forest regions. In Ayurveda the herb is said to be an important medicinal plant and used since traditions for the problem of insomnia and feverishness. The herb is considered to be very useful for sleep disorders. The root and creeping rootstalks are mostly used in the preparation of Ayurvedic medicines.

Healing Properties of Tagara

- Analgesic
- Laxative
- Antispasmodic
- Hepato – stimulant
- Cardio-stimulant

Health Benefits of Tagara

- Tagara is useful in various psychological disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, etc
- Tagara is an effective remedy for insomnia
- Tagara is the best herb for relaxation
- Tagara is best known for its ability to give soothing effect to mind and helps to promote sleep
- Tagara is a natural herb for sleeplessness
- Tagara is also used for digestive disorders


Warnings:- Buy Tagara products online after consulting your doctor