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Description & Use of Tara Nutricare AbsorbiLean

AbsorbiLean is a practical solution for those who eats lots of fats, oils and carbohydrates including starches in their daily meals (e.g. Bread, Potatoes etc.). It contains innovative formulation of Phaseolamin 10000 units along with VHD Chitosan, and standardised extracts of two well studied Ayrvedic herbs that stops the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrate and fats. Unabsorbed Fat and Carbohydrates gets excreted from the body without entering to Blood stream, by doing so it reduces the intake of calories into the food and hence helps management of weight. This product should be taken in combination with our other weight loss products like Thermocut & Hoodia. We also recommend taking our Biogain Whey® as source of protein while following weight management programme. For best Results, combine it with our other protein supplements & exercise regularly.

Product Details
Flavour : Unflavor
Size : 60 Caps
Vegetarian/Non-Vegetarian : Vegetarian
Number of Servings : 30
Serving Size : 2 caps
Type : Fat Burner, Abosorbs extra carbs and reduce fat from food
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