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Emotional upset, stress, depression and anxiety are the most common problem and affect the life of almost all human beings. Primary Insomnia may be due to a temporary problem in life whereas chronic insomnia may be due to health condition like asthma, depression, arthritis, cancer, heartburn, pain or due to medication and need good medical advice. Sometimes emotional shock leads to chronic depression and homeopathic treatment can greatly help to restore emotional balance. Tranquil is a SBL’s in-house innovation prepared from combination of homeopathic remedy which is clinically proven as well.

However, you need immediate medical attention if you are getting serious thought of hurting self or others. In many cases patient do not recognize problem of self and it is the responsibility of family members to seek help of medical professionals. Apart from taking homeopathic remedy for Insomnia and depression, it's important to identify root cause of problems as well following listed suggestion will help to get out of the problem.

1. Avoid sleeping in daytime

2.Avoid frequent shift change in job

3.Take small size meals before bedtime.

4.Do regular exercise in the morning as well as before bedtime.

5.Use your bed only for sleep and intimacy

6.Discuss your problem with your family member in great detail

7.Keep a balance of your income and expense

Tranquil is a is blend of well known homeopathic herbs which raises brain threshold and help the body to cope up with stress and anxiety. It increases self-confidence by relieving stress, anxiety and depression. It also promotes natural sleep with clear awakening and helps depressed individual to work with great energy.

Clinical Trials conducted at Escorts Heart Institute & Research Centre by Dr. R.R. Kasliwal, Diretor and Dr. Rachna K. Singh jointly, found this remedy to be very effective in patients suffering from depression, stress and anxiety without any adverse effects.

Indications: Anxiety Tension, Depression, Insomnia.


1.Difficulty in falling asleep
2.Waking up frequently during the night
3.Waking up too early in the morning
4.Feeling dull and tired upon waking

Principle Ingredients: Abrus precatorius, Kali phosphoricum, Aconitum napellus, Calendula officinalis, Viburnum opulus, Zincum picricum

Dosage: Adults: 2-4 tablets, 4-6 times a day. Children: half of the adult’s dose. Safety Warnings

Buy Tranquil tablet online for stress, depression and anxiety online only after consulting your homeopath doctor.