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Vendor: DF Pharmacy Ltd
Manufacturer: Healthvit
₹ 240.00

Buy Verasoft lotion online


Benefits of Verasoft lotion :-

-Useful in itching problem
-Skin Rashes
-Chicken Pox
-Suitable for Dry, Itchy and Oily Skin
-Useful in Inflammatory Pimple and Acne Lesions

A Calamine, Aloe-Vera and Light liquid Paraffin Lotion specially designed for itching problem due to Insect bites, Eczema, Skin Rashes, Chicken Pox, Sunburn and Poison Ivy. Verasoft lotion is Suitable for Dry, Itchy and Oily Skin.Verasoft lotions are also a Trusted Remedy for Inflammatory Pimple and Acne Lesions.

Direction to use:

Twice a day for best results

Safety Warnings

Buy Verasoft lotion online after consulting your doctor.

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