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Dr. reckeweg r47

Hysteric ball. Constrictions and disturbances from the stomach up to the throat. Sensitivity to noises nervosity and hysteria of women. Other hysteric sensations, suffocating during the night, throbbing and constriction in the throat. Aggravation "ante menses".
₹ 200.00

Dr Batra's Acne Clear Face Wash

Enriched with Neem and Tulsi extracts.
₹ 220.00

Hering Pharma Arnik Amla Hair Oil

Hering Pharma Arnik Amla Hair Oil – For luxuriant growth of hair. Prevents hair falling , Premature Greying and Dandruff. Hering Pharma Arnik Amla Hair Oil can also be used after bath.
₹ 180.00

Wheezal Alfa Drink

Wheezal Alfa Drink is a delicious homeopathic drink with therapeutic values. It contains Alfalfa with Brahmi which is excellent for general and mental fatigue, it also alleviates disorders of malnutrition, corrects tissue waste & increases quality and quantity of milk in nursing mothers. While alcoholic extract of brahmi containing alkaloid & bhramine being a cardiac tonic, tones up the heart.
₹ 140.00

Baksons Sunny Herbals Hair Color Black

A Henna based powder hair dye, naturally nourishing hair color that conditions, strengthens and penetrates into hair fibres, giving 100% coverage. Delivers rich, long-lasting color with radiant shine and hair that feels like silk.
₹ 480.00

Adven Naturals Folli Therapy With Arnica, Cinchona Oleum Sant

Checks hair fall, Prevents premature graying, Prevents hair fall due to weakness / chronic disease, Nourishes scalp, Prevents Dandruff
₹ 200.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Mud Pack

For Radiant Skin. A special blend of natural ingredients that increases the oxygen availability to the skin & reduces aging lines, keeping it smooth & radiant.
₹ 150.00

Dr Batra's Women's Deo

A unique blend of Rose, Jasmine and Lily of the Valley with long lasting action.
₹ 225.00

Dr Batra's Bathing Bar - Every Day

Enriched with Berberis Aquifolium and Echinacea for refreshed, soft and supple skin.
₹ 165.00

Bakson's Sunny Deep Cleansing Milk

Clear & Soft Skin. This gentle deep cleansing milk penetrates deep to remove dirt, grime and make-up; soothes and calms sensitive skin; controls Acne; stimulates circulation and new skin cell formation imparting a charming, perfect look.
₹ 160.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Rose Enriche Soap

Baksons Sunny Herbals Rose enriche with aloe vera and calendula is enriched with luxury of Roses.
₹ 180.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Turmeric Soap

Complete Skin care
₹ 180.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Anti-Wrinkle Facial Kit

For a youthful look An ideal facial kit infusing dry matured skin with a firm, hydrated and youthful glow
₹ 650.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Under Eye Cream

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Under Eye Cream (Minimises dark circles) Enriched with the goodness of essential oils, Aloevera, Arnica and Cucumber extracts, it revitalizes the skin around the eyes, making it appear brighter and smoother. It reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles & fine lines around the eyes, nourishes the skin & gives it a fresh look.
₹ 150.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Cocoa Butter Cream

For Refreshing Look A rich and advanced moisturizer with essentials of Aloevera & Calendula, that softens dry skin, reduces pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. It blends stretch marks & makes skin appear firm and more toned.
₹ 190.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Apricot Scrub

For Fresh & Charming Look With remarkable exfoliating properties, this formula deep cleanses to unclog pores and eliminates impurities. Enriched with Apricot, it helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells along with hydration of the skin, thus giving it a fresh and radiant look.
₹ 115.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Sun Care Cream (SPF 30)

Protects skin from sun . It works wonderfully to deliver an optimal combination of sun protection, hydration and smoothness. It contains natural ingredients like Turmeric which is known to cut down the skin’s melanin production and has photo protective action. Sandalwood with antiseptic properties, tones up as well as moisturizes skin. The combination of Honey, Shea Butter and Wheat Germ Oil helps to protect the skin from the damage of sun’s rays, supports the skin’s ability to rejuvenate and refresh depleted skin thus leaving it feeling silky, soft and supple.
₹ 220.00

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil

SBL Arnica Montana Hair Oil is the best selling herbal hair oil with the goodness of AJC ( Arnica, Jaborandi, Cantharis ). It is indicated for falling of hair, premature graying, dandruff, itching and inflammation of scalp. Ideal for prevention and cure of various hair problems.
₹ 140.00

St George Neelima Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

St George Neelima Anti Dandruff Hair Oil is a Quality product from St. George helps to cure dandruff on head. It helps to stop the hair fall due to the dandruff and prevents the growth of white flakes on the scalp. It promotes the hair growth by nourishing the roots and retains the naturals blackness of hair.
₹ 440.00

Phytolycca berry tablets

Phytolacca Berry tablets are lactose based tablets, useful in treatmant of obesity. Has a powerful effect on fibrous and osseous tissues which help in decreasing weight.
₹ 130.00 ₹ 124.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Body Oil

Nurtures Skin
₹ 125.00

Bakson's Sunny Arnica Hair Conditioner

To add body & bounce to hair A unique formulation that keeps your hair tangle-free, manageable & lustrous.
₹ 140.00

Dr Batra's Bathing Bar - Skin Protection

Enriched with Tea Tree, Tulsi and Echinacea Extracts for healthy and glowing skin
₹ 165.00

Bakson's Sunny Herbals Henna Gold

Sunny Herbals Henna Gold is a unique combination of Henna with Amla, Arnica, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Kattha, Shikakai, Nagarmotha along with calendula, Neem and Fenugreek powder. Arnica, imparts natural color & condition to hair. Added benefits of Aloevera, Neem and Fenugreek powder make it a suitable product to reduce Hair fall and controls dandruff. Calendula and Arnica heals dry and damaged hair and adds extra shine to them.
₹ 185.00

Adven Naturals Glow Aid Fairness Solution

Adven Naturals Glow Aid Fairness Solution is an excellent preparation for maintaining glow and for rejuvenation of skin
₹ 115.00

Dr Batra's Natural Skin-Lightening Cream

Natural skin lightening cream with Mulberry Extracts for a glowing skin and fairer complexion.
₹ 350.00

SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil

SBL Jaborandi Plus Hair Oil is your complete hair care solution, it has been specially formulated with well-balanced herbal extracts to control hair fall, dandruff and itching of scalp
₹ 240.00

Fourrts Hairgro Gel

Fourrts Hairgro gel has the following beneficial action and indicated for; controls dandruff, prevents hair fall, aids to arrest premature greying of hair and doubles up as a scalp conditioner.
₹ 165.00

Dr Batra's Sun Protection Cream

Non-greasy formulation with SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage while keeping it smooth and supple.
₹ 325.00

B-trim drops

B-Trim is useful in general obesity.
₹ 145.00

Dr Batra's Hair Oil

Special non-sticky formulation for healthy, strong and well-nourished hair.
₹ 250.00

Allen's AllenSonny Bonny Baby Oil

Skin friendly Fairness Oil with Oleum Jecoris, Berberis & Natural vitamins
₹ 160.00

Pelvorin tablets

Before buying this medicine consult your physician first. This website do not provide any kind of medical advice to end user.
₹ 125.00

Bakson's Sunny Henna Shampoo

Sheen - n - Soft A perfect Shampoo that controls excessive secretion of scalp oils, conditions luxuriously imparts sheen to lackluster hair & keeps them tangle-free.
₹ 115.00

Adven Naturals Moisturizing Lotion With Aloevera and Almond Oil

A gentle lotion, enriched with goodness of Almond Oil, specially formulated to restore the skin's natural beauty. Aloevera makes the skin soft & supple and Almond oil restores skin moisture and reverses the ageing process through anti-oxidant properties.
₹ 230.00

Adven Naturals Folli Therapy With Jaborandi

Oil For Lustrous & Healthy Hair
₹ 200.00

Bahola Menareg

₹ 100.00

Baksons Sunny Moisturizing Lotion

For Oily Skin A deeply nourishing moisturizing lotion enriched with the extracts of Rose & Aloevera to promote a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.
₹ 160.00