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Manufacturer: Dabur
₹ 61.00


Indication: Recommended in all nervous disorders, chronic infection, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Intestinal worms, chronic and non-healing ulcers, Spleen enlargement, benign tumors and Piles.

Dose: 1 to 4 tablets (250mg to 1gm) to be taken in the morning and evening or as directed by the physician.

Diet: Parwal, Karela, Barley and Kulthi

Packing: 60 , 120 and 400 Tablets .

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Kaishore guggulu

Useful in Skin diseases, Gout, Ulcers, benign tumors, Diabetic carbuncles, Diabetes, Digestive disturbances, Poor appetite, Cough –breathlessness, Oedema and Anemia. Its long term use stimulates melanin synthesis and improves skin glow.
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Kanchnaar guggulu

Useful in Cystic swelling, Tumours, Ulcers, and enlargement of lymphatic glands and skin diseases.
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Laksha guggulu - 40 tab

This medicine relieves pain resulting from bone fractures, dislocation of joints, relieves the complications arising from fractured bones and bone injuries. This is also beneficial in phthisis, malnutrition, `Vat' rog and cardiac complaints.
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Triphala guggulu

Uesful in Piles, Fistula and other inflammatory conditions.
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Trayodashang guggulu - 40 tab

Indicated in sciatica, spondylitis, Arthritis etc.
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Yograj guggulu maha - tablets

All Rheumatic problems, Nervine problems, Skin diseases, Piles, Dysentery, Diabetes, Gout, Pain in Umbilicus, Fistulae, Epilepsy, chest congestion, Indigestion, Breathlessness, Cough, and loss of taste. It relieves all semen related problems in males and menstrual related problems of females. It is recommended in various other disorders with different adjuvants Rheumatic pains.
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Simhanad guggulu - 40 tab

Indicated in Arthritis, arthralgias and all kind of Vata disorders.
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